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  1. Rita, I hope you got some good sleep. I read your first post as a simple question asking how we would handle a purchase situation that did not come across as was advertised or written out. With that said. All we need to respond with is: "I would call and ask questions" or "I would send it back" Particularly depending on the amount involved. Hang in there and come back again.
  2. Good to know that nothing was truly wrong. I was waiting for you to find the machine unplugged because it was causing "snow" on the tv!! That\'s what my son would like to do (he\'s 24, so now knows better!). Just watch out for when he gets next to the scissors. My grandson (4) cut the cord to my daughter\'s grinding motor for our business needles. He didn\'t want her to work so he could watch his movies on her little tv at her work area. Needless to say, he had his movies taken away for a bit.
  3. Welcome Mrs. A. I DO have George and really like him. I just haven\'t gotten myself to get the other stuff (business) done and out of the way to play with him as much as I want/need to. My George likes Superior King Tut thread. I have also used YLI Rainbows with good luck. I am not in a quilt for others business, just for myself and the baby quilts our ladies make. So far I\'ve done at least 5 quilts on him.
  4. MleS, Thanks for venting. It brought out some nice info that I will need to remember. I have had George since September, but haven\'t had as much time with him as I want or have quilts ready. Dawn, thanks for the thread info. My George does well with King Tut but the Masterpiece I tried was too fine and I didn\'t have the time to fine tune/play with the tension. I really appreciate the info on the directional stitching.
  5. The one thing that I haven\'t seen suggested yet for you is to have a single or double piece of fleece or quilt in the car. When you get in and it hasn\'t had time to warm up, just flip the fleece over your lap/legs and it will keep the bitter cold off you. I travel everywhere with that method, even in the summer because hubby can have the air on to his comfort, stay awake level and I keep the draft off me and am very comfortable too. Now if you happen to get a home that you want to warm up a bit, you can always use quilts on the windows!! I made roman shade quilts for the windows on the north of my home and bought "window quilts" for the patio doors. They made a big difference. Even hanging a sheer curtain over the window with other drapes will make a huge difference. I grew up and still live in southern MN where we get below freezing temps and worse wind chills, and most of the houses have needed warmth enhancing treatments. And you new mantra is: "And this too shall pass!" There will be warmer days every once in a while.
  6. I completely understand. That was my August last year. Each weekend either some family member died or was emergency hospitalized. I told hubby that I wanted to be somewhere else the next weekend. We went to our undevloped campland, cell phones don\'t work there. This holiday season was the third one with funerals, 5 were family members and one in August. Can we go hibernate somewhere with our machines and fun food?
  7. Thanks Rita, is it used on inside or outside of the bobbin casing. Friday I kept having to rethread the bobbin on George as I was doing some quilting, the thread was bearly sticking out from the thread hole but as I would pull it through could tell that the thread had looped itself back inside the bobbin.
  8. What is the purpose of a bobbin washer? The title name made me think of dirty bobbins. I see by the next post that an actual washer shape is being used, but for what reason?
  9. Thanks, this sandwich is not to tight, and I\'m moving by hand, not in a frame. Maybe I move too fast sometimes, we will see. I put in a fresh needle before I started this one, it should be good, unless it is a lemon. The top thread is a touch heavier than the King Tut, but I played with the tension before starting to get a good stitch. I\'ll keep working with it.
  10. I was working with George yesterday quilting three baby quilts. The first two were matching and I used King Tut thread in top and bottom. It worked with no problem. The third one was a white on white large sashing that I quilted through using a poly by Superior and the same King Tut in the bobbin as the first two. The top thread keeps breaking every so often so I don't know what to try to adjust. I finally gave George and myself a break and will go back to it later today. What thread do you like in your George and why.
  11. I was working with George yesterday quilting three baby quilts. The first two were matching and I used King Tut thread in top and bottom. It worked with no problem. The third one was a white on white large sashing that I quilted through using a poly by Superior and the same King Tut in the bobbin as the first two. The top thread keeps breaking every so often so I don't know what to try to adjust. I finally gave George and myself a break and will go back to it later today. What thread do you like in your George and why.
  12. I\'m not in your area, but I was able to work on three baby quilts this afternoon and have them almost all done. George is great. Good luck in finding the one for you. Have you checked the dealers listed on the APQS site. That helped me when I was looking for mine. BTW, Welcome. Glad you came. You also might want to post your question on the everything thread. It will probably get more exposure and therefore response.
  13. For the football loving son, can you use a "fat" melon block for him. Making the melon an actually football shape? There should be team fabric out there as well as generic football designs. Or use brown footballs and green fields. A few of the football melons could make a center panel or medallion and then border it out to size with strips or other blocks with the same or coordinating fabrics. While you are at it, can you get a picture of him playing a game from someone, school, or coach or friend? That would be great to put on as a label. I made a quilt for my daughter with the pattern "Lover\'s Knot" That block had a melon in the center of a drunkard\'s shape with small squares in the corners at the ends of the melon. It went together reasonably quickly and had a good look of design when done. I would pin the melons while watching tv and then sew the pile at one time. This fall I was priviledged to help put together donated blocks for a man who lost his grandmother\'s quilts in his house fire. 70 blocks were donated, so we made two quilts from them. This was all done from the quilters on the HGTV quilting and needlework message board. We set one quilt in attic windows and the other with regular cornerstone sashing. Are you able to collect pictures from other friends/co-workers/family that would have the fire family in them? Having those in an album would be another healing gift to them. The school may have a few yearbook pictures with the kids in them. Thank you for your generosity to them.
  14. Take this for what it\'s worth since I\'m not a long armer. I have George, but not a lot of time yet. Anyway: I would quilt around the large animals in the print blocks, quilt the same animals in the yellow blocks and do a diagonal line through the 4-patches from one side to the other. I like more fluff left in the quilt than weighing it down with a lot of thread and making it stiffer to wrap that baby in.
  15. Cheryl, If the info about Fargo being only 1 1/2 hour drive is right for you, then remember that Fargo is just across the river from Moorhead, MN. So you may also want to check what is available there too.
  16. Patty, I\'m sorry for your loss. This is the third holiday season my hubby\'s family has worked through loss. I appreciate your request/statement to tell family what you want. I want to encourage others to write it down, don\'t just tell them. Make sure someone (or more) knows where to find the necessary info. The other thing I would encourage is to have a list of the items in your life that are special to you that you want the family to have, or particular people to have. Gram watched each of us as we visited with her and saw what we liked/commented on, so put our names on the item. Others have not identified anything and that makes it very hard to separate fairly. One thing we should have had with hubby\'s folks is the chance to let the kids tell us what they would like when we are done using it. Sometimes they don\'t say/ask for things because it feels greedy. We need to let our kids know that we want to hear what is special to them, we might think it is a piece of junk and we toss out or sell their special item. Peace to you all.
  17. I also have a new George. After putting in a fresh bobbin I had a clunk and broken needle too. My bobbin case wasn\'t in well or the thread had garbled in the wrong place. It took me getting under the desk with some hemostats to pull the thread out. I haven\'t had repeated problems with that again. I did get 1.5 quilts done on it. Another quilt that I was going to use George for needed to use Aurifil thread according to the quilt owner. The night before she came, I used my aurifil thread and got the tension adjusted, then when she was there I put her same brand thread on and it kept breaking. I can only figure she had the lighter weight thread than mine. So I let her use my Pfaff machine and do the quilting she wanted. Now George is back to tension set for a heavier thread and the quilt I did after the aurifil try worked great.
  18. I\'m not a business quilter, but my two cents worth comes as questions. Did the shop say they need to be their quilt done free? or can it be a quilt that you want to have, made from their fabrics? Since it is only one per year and I assume it would be a smaller size, you could schedule the time you have to quilt it.
  19. When you answer her next call, just let her know that everytime you need to answer an unneccessary call, "just to chat" it take you away from getting the already in line things done. So the way things are going now with all the phone interruptions, it could be March or April before you can get done with the committments of today. That means yours might not get done until June!! Good Luck
  20. Good luck in finding a George that fits your budget. I had been checking options for a couple of years, between HQ16 and then saw George. No problem deciding he was for me. I talked to my favorite shop owner/dealer and let her know of my interest. Out of the blue she called me with an opportunity because she needed to make some adjustments with the newly opened shop. A deal was offered, we checked it out and hubby said George could come to my house. Now I just need to arrange the time to play with him instead of all the other business stuff. Hang in there, maybe a miracle is coming your way soon.
  21. I believe that the blue will wash out. I\'ve had friends who have spilled milk on the not yet embroidered design and had to fill in the disappeared area. Also a block left in an area that the sun hits, causes disappearing markings. Is there a corner of the project that has a small L shape printed on it for framing reference? Maybe you can see if that will wash out. Or just select a design that you don\'t really want to quilt in that manner and see if it comes out with water by hand.
  22. Hi I\'m new here. They finally let me register today. I have been reading for a while, since I just bought George last month. I really wanted to offer another suggestion for the pay/not pay for the family quilts. With the special ones for these little girls, since the parents want to pay, it is important to the parents and they have decided that they can afford to pay for the work. Set a fair "family" price and use what they pay you in purchasing or making special gifts that will go eventually to the girls at a landmark time for them. Such as special jewelry, or savings bond/certificate, or special treasure chest to hold the special momentos or quilts. Then the parents are given the honor of being adults taking care of their family "on both age sides", you are given the honor of making the quilts and the respect due the work you do. They feel that they have helped you. and you have the fun, privilege and freedom to get and/or make something very long term special for your grandkids. Congratulations.