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  1. I was looking at the same Accu-guide for the Millennium. Does this machine have the 1/4" or 3/4" hopping foot. I have not received my machine yet, so I am not sure. Thanks
  2. This Curve Master foot is listed on eBay as well. I was wondering myself if it really worked. Our guild did a challenge last year using all curved piecing. Would have been nice to have for that quilt. I may get it as I love the look of curved, circle quilts.
  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS! You did a fantastic job on both the piecing and the quilting. You should be very proud! This is, by far, the prettiest Storm at Sea quilt I have ever seen. WOW!
  4. I have 3 featherweights myself. Two are white, one is the original beige. My beige FW gets lots of compliments. I love them all. I use my white more than any other machine at all day quilt-a-thons. I actually sanded down one of the white machines (it was badly scrathced), and am impatiently awaiting my husband to paint it. I thought it would cool to have him do it as my kids would appreciate it when they get older. He has been busy to date, but did just buy me a Green Millennium system....so I can't fault him for not painting my FW!!