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  1. I am wondering if the background fabric shouldn't be more of a sky/cloud/water print...or combination thereof?? thoughts?
  2. thanks. now to figure out what to do with them?? i made one for me, and still have these 8. they are addictive to make. i have lots of fun just picking out the fabrics! i can see myself making more in the future.
  3. yep...the pattern is from michelle patterns. the link is here http://www.michellepatterns.com/product/zip-pocket-pouches-sewing-pattern
  4. run a pin under the finger of the bobbin case and check for lint. also, blow out the bobbin area. they is probably thread caught somewhere causing the break.
  5. the camo quilt is really cool. i love the animals in black. jeremiah will love this for a long time.
  6. Instead, I have been making zippered pocket wallets. I must admit though, they are fun to make. I have a quilt to finish, better get to it.
  7. i do as oma and try not to lay the plexi in the same spot everytime and also flip over the plexi. i have had my cutter for a couple of years and haven't worn out a plexi yet!
  8. i prefer 12-1/2" blocks...and white or white on white background fabric, but like janice, I'm easy too. how many blocks do we make??
  9. teresa, your mailbox is full. BUT...i am in for a sailboat block, and would vote for bright colors! kristina
  10. urbanelementz is my favorite site to purchase pantographs.
  11. i like the idea of a sailboat block. Something in brights and stripes/polka dots!
  12. You will beat this! Stay positive and do as the doctors say. Prayers continue for you.
  13. Its gorgeous!!! You made this quilt come to life. Congratulations!
  14. Bringing home state champions baby!! Our girls team took 1st place for our division as a team...for the first time in white pine high school history! 11 girls (2 being mine) earned the state title! Also, madeline placed 3rd in the pole vault with a height of 7'6", 7th in triple jump and 4th in 4x800m relay with taylor. Taylor ran a hard 3200m race, and placed 6th beating her personal best time. I am so proud of these girls! One of our seniors took 1st in each of 4 separate individual events...and...now owns 2 school records! That doesn't happen often. Thanks for letting me brag a bit
  15. Thanks everyone! So far...the girls placed 4th in the 4x800m relay. Taylor was first leg, madeline was the anchor. Today, is the big day for their individual events. Can't wait to see how they do.
  16. hi jim, when my stool wheels build up with thread...and hair...i just pop the casters off and take an exacto knife and start cutting. i do not know of a way to remove the actual wheels from the caster.
  17. I am proud of them. They are working hard this week getting ready for for their events. Madeline thinks she rolled her ankle a bit, but is working through it. She is excited to be competing, especially since she is a freshman. She is getting the jitters out now! Taylor has been doing sprint work and trying to stay hydrated for the big race. 2 miles is torture. The endurance she needs for that is amazing. these girls are both great athletes!