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  1. Jeanne, love the story. I know how your husband felt, I was really uncomfortable when I first started quilting going into the fabric shops. The women all seem to starr. Men going into a fabric shop really attract a lot of attention from the ladies.
  2. Shana what a stunning job you did, so inspiring! I started to stencil a piece of muslin to practice on. After I finish the quilt that I have on the frame now; I'm going to take that leap and move to the front of the machine and ppp.
  3. Georgene........awesome Job!!! The Quilt looks Great!!!
  4. What a wonderful story and quilt. I like how the little sue's and sam's pop, along with a beautiful quilted framed border.
  5. What a beautiful Log Cabin quilt, I love the border!!! I'm sure the more experienced quilters on this forum can give you some great ideas, they are wonderful about that. I love the log cabin pattern, there is unlimited lay outs you can do with it. I'm currently piecing a wavy log cabin with Moda "Pine Creek Crossing" fabric for a customer. And waiting on my Moda order to make a log cabin star for another customer. Make sure to post pictures of the quilt when your finished; we all love pictures here.
  6. Beautiful Job Jeanne, Promise to show us pictures when you get it all put together.
  7. Shar what a beautiful Patriotic quilt!!! Can't wait to see it finished.
  8. Once again I want to thank all of you here on this forum for the kind words and the warmest welcome. I enjoy coming here reading all the helpful advice, hearing all the stories that are told and seeing all the beautiful quilts. I also enjoy visiting all of you who have webshot sites and other home page sites; seeing all the beautiful quilts and other pictures you have posted. It is like a family here.
  9. DWR Star Quilt A friend of mine wanted a DWR queen size quilt in blues. Not having the time myself to piece one; I found one on ebay. I showed my friend the pictures of the top and she loved it. I was a little fearful purchasing a DWR top from ebay after another friend of mine had previously purchased one and it was horrible, basically unquiltable. But this ad stated expertly pieced. So we took a chance, placed a bid and won. When I received the quilt top it was beautiful, but my fears were validated. There were so many waves and puckers thoughout the top. I steamed ironed it, ran it t
  10. Congrats Kristina!!! What a unique and beautiful quilt, well deserved win.
  11. Again Thank You for all the warm welcomes! Everyone here is so friendly! Sheri, I sure do miss having my animals. I loved the exotic's as well and had a few of my own. I had Camels, Zebras, Minature Donkeys, Horses, Llamas, numerous varieties of birds and a Tiger. It was hard to see them go, but they all went to loving homes at other game farms and area zoos. I currently have my two loveable dogs; a Shih Tzu and a Scottie. The thing I miss most about having all the animals, were the babies each spring.........spring doesn't seem the same with out them.
  12. Great Job!!! I will have to look into getting a quiltazoid.......
  13. Beautiful quilt Caron, your workmanship as always is just awesome!!!
  14. Jeanne I really like the layout of your drunkards path. The quilting is great, really compliments the quilt. With the back looking like a wholecloth quilt, it's like having two quilts in one. Great Job!!!
  15. I agree with you patty, I just love this forum. The people here are so friendly and helpful. The encouragement they give one another is inspirational. The craftmanship I have seen on this forum is very intimidating, but yet inspiring. Other than doing basting stitching I have yet to try anything freehand, pantos are my comfort zone. But with the encouragement I seen here giving to newbies like myself, I'm almost ready to put the fear aside and head to the front of the machine and start the ppp mentioned here so often.
  16. Has anyone used Dissolve 4x from Superior? Or is the stuff from Golden Threads better?
  17. What a perfect choice for that quilt.... The gecko's gave it that extra kick. Well Done!!
  18. Cheryl, The family farm were I kept all my animals was sold. I live in a small town just north of Portage, WI. So sadly I had to part with them. My daughter still has her horses, else where. I plan on putting my house up on the market next year. Currently I have a 3160 sq ft home and now that the kids are all grown, the house is way too big! So a small place in the country would be nice.
  19. Julie, I had to laugh when I read your post about suffering from TADD. I hate to admitt this but I did the same thing after quilting my first quilt. What a MESS!!! I had to make a call to intellistitch after getting it cleaned out......I messed up the timing on my machine. LOL now I don't feel so bad!
  20. Thank You all for the warm Welcome!!! I will surely post pictures in the near future. Shana it is a day old llama I am kissing . .
  21. Hello Fellow Quilters; First off I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Liam. I have been quilting for approx. 5 years now. I am fairly new to longarm quilting. About 6 months ago I purchased a overhauled Ultimate 1 with a newly installed stitch regulator (I just love this machine). I have quilted less than a dozen quilts on this machine so far and have only done pantos. I just joined this forum after coming here almost daily for nearly a year now. I have seen so many beautiful quilts here and the quilting displayed here is just increditable. I hope someday I can quilt half as good