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bonus points!!!


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My baby duck has a broken leg the dancing will have to wait for a while. Dr. ask how she broke it and she said from a horse he said that's not the best story he had heard that day......I said that i was on their with her and we where naked!!!!!! he replied that is the best story i heard today!! She is doing better but it got broke in 4 places and 6 screws and a metal plate later she is easy to catch.... ps. she did get new heels for her birthday- something to work up to dancing again. ha ha! All have a good nite, i'm workin 12 hour nights on baby ducks b-day. again happy b-day LOVE U!! your Vaquero

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Hello everyone,

It's actually the 15th anniversary of my 29th birthday!!! :o LOL!! Brad also put up signs (with pictures) in town too! He's a sweetie, isn't he??


I wish I could say that I broke my leg in an exciting way like riding a bucking bronco... but I really didn't. I was riding my horse, Stormy, bareback (By the way, Stormy was the only one who was naked! LOL!!) around in the back pasture a couple months ago. When I decided to get down, I turned sideways on his back (english riding position), and jumped off. My left foot landed in a small hole, and I rolled my ankle and broke my leg into a lot of pieces.... Who would have thought you could do all that damage just from jumping to the ground about 5 foot high - something I've done thousands of times before????

Stormy really had nothing to do with it at all- I just should have picked a better place to jump down. When I tried to get up and walk, I couldn't. I was by myself, waaay back in the field, and I didn't even have my cell wth me. Stormy put his nose to mine and just looked at me like he was saying, "What are you still doing on the ground, you silly woman?" So I grabbed onto his neck and we hobbled back up to the gate, and then I had to crawl the rest of the way!!!

It has been a little while since this happened though, and I think I am over the worst of it now. But it does really stink to break a leg and be on crutches!!! Matter of fact, after this happened, I called JoAnn and told her that this was (:mad:somehow?) her fault for starting a trend!!! LOL!!!:P;):D

Thanks for all the birthday wishes Brad and all!!

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Too funny I thought I was the only one who celebrated birthdays like that ....I am on my 24th anniversay of my 29th....

Man, that's actually worse than getting tossed and then getting stepped on....and I so feel for you. Its amazing what damage you can do from the short of a distance. Gene came off a ladder in June of 2005 and literally shattered his ankle, heal and center part of his left foot....they told us that they couldn't put cornmeal back together, but 8 surgeries later they didn't do bad...he still has his foot, and HIS fall was only about 3-4 foot off the ground. He came down on the only visible rock in a 15 foot square space, and he had his steel toed shoes on.

Tina...so glad that Stormy was there to at least help get you back part way..... and I do hope that you are healing well....nasty breaks like that seem to take forever, even if its not that long. Take care of you....

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Hi Tina.

Boy, am I sorry to hear about your leg. Unfortunatlely, I can really relate.

While I was simply visiting horses, with my then 6-year old daughter, I stepped back into an unseen groundhog hole and tore up my ankle. I felt I was falling, so I jumped out ... only to land on rocky, uneven ground....big mistake!

That was just two weeks after getting my new Liberty set up! How bad is that? It happened the Friday before Mother's Day of last year. My foot could not be down for weeks without it swelling up and turning purple right before my eyes. It was a freak show!! It could not bear any weight for months. It hurt all the time. It was tough to do nothing all day, especially with that fabulous machine up there. Talk about depressing! By the time the kids went back to school in September, I had just started PT. That lasted 11 weeks when I got sick of it all and quit.

Only recently do I have an occassional day that I am totally limp-free. The first steps of the day are still not always easy. The last can be tough too. The doctor said I would have been better of breaking it. I think it was late in March that I first was able to quilt standing up. Who knew quilting uses your ankes so much? I never did!

If I have any advice to share...it would be to not rush it. Let it heal completely. You can cause more damage by using it too soon. It is a long and miserable healing process. I wish you all the best!


APQS Liberty

NW New Jersey

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