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routeplanner for brown bag quilt


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so happy I can use the pre-design software,

after drawing on a piece of paper, I design the pattern and the whole quilt (copy - paste) in pre-design,

looking for a route of continuous edge to edge lines,

looking for some repeats,

after memorizing each loop, I can start....

it works great for me

thanks Loes and Theo for the software



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thanks ma

for putting in all the ends of the multiple starts and stops of the squared flowers

I'm a little bit proud about the result, it isn't perfect,

but it gives a nice impression of the possibilities

I also love the result of the backside, a whole new picture

now I have to make a label "voor een bloem van een vrouw",

can't translate is, but means something like ... a flower for a very nice lady,

thanks for looking


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