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Will I wake up?


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Don't wake up; just keep dreaming! I watched my DVD so much I practically wore it out. Couldn't wait to actually get my hands on a machine. My Millie is one year old; I still tell my husband every day it is the best present he ever bought me! You will love your APQS machine, no matter what you choose. Welcome to the obsession! Dreams do come true...

Vickie Oliver

Beachside Quilter


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dance as you lurk!

dance as you research!

dance as you learn!

Max is 2 weeks old and he is the BEST dancing partner! We have completed two huge practice quilts and ready to start a 3rd! We swirl and we twirl and we swoop and we swan and then we pause, en point, turn, jette, and done!

I love this craft and I just can't get enough. Thinking of giving up that J-O-B that takes me away for much of the day.

Enjoy yourself! And be sure to dance!

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