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Welcome....now let me count

Superior Lava

Metro Embroidery thread

Maxilok Swirls

Aurifil Cotton

Superior SoFine

Wonderfil Metallic

and I use prewound bobbins in my Freedom

Advice...have fun, don't be afraid to experiment and play your machine is not going to break.

Sign up for the APQS Newsletter, Dawn Cavenaugh (sp?)writes a fantastic bit of advice everyday...she is the absolute best!!!

and best of all, ask questions and tell us what kind of longarm machine you have

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I mostly use SoFine on the top and magna glide on the bottom.

It took me a long time to figure out tension on various threads. Don't fret if you have a hard time with that. It does take a while, but this forum is very helpful when you're having problems, so is the service department at APQS.



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You are all just the best !!! Thank you soooo very much! My machine is a Milli and will be arriving this week. I am just trying to get ready ahead of time as we live in a rural area in Texas so most of my things like this will have to be ordered on the internet. I am excited to say the least about getting it all set up! Again, thank you all for your input!!! I am sure I will be back with more questions!

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