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How to store Fabric?


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Just wondering and hoping to get some great ideas on a way

to store / organize my fabric. Yes, in a perfect world, by color

shade and such. I would also like to label it in some way as

to how much there is left. I know many put them in tote

buckets, and that would keep them dust free, but not sure if

it is the best "user friendly" way to go.

I like the look of having all of the fabrics folded nice on a shelf

but I have also read NOT to have them on wood. I could have

my builder make me nice Library / Lawyer type cabinets with

the glass fronts, thinking of that, but they would be "wood"

of course.......hmmm..... what to do?

I have LOTS of fabric! The store I used to work at, the owner

sold most of her fabric at (or below ) cost when she was

closing. I have some pieces with many yards. I did not save

them on the bolts, some are, but thought that would take up

too much room. If I had a nice way to display and organize

what I have, I could even then offer some of it to a customer

who needs a backing.

Any ideas, or photos here would really help! I need to go

through my sewing room and clean and re-organize!!! A Long

time coming! Needs it bad! Want to find and finish-up some

projects I know are in there somewhere! Help please!!!

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I store my fabrics in the sterilite clear storage containers under my table (I have them seperated by projects, 1 yd or more, Thimbleberries, 5" squares, 1/4 yd, 1/2 yd, fat 1/4s, then into various lengths of 2" strips). Works out really well so far since my space is limited and I don't have a huge stash built up yet.


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Hi Judi & Joann :)

Those rolling carts are great, you can get them at Wal-Mart for $10.00 or less, they are on sale (here) right now.

I use clear plastic bins about the same size as the larger ones Joann has under her table, and sort by colour, those are stored on a floor to ceiling wooden shelving unit witch is screwed to the wall. Like Joann, I also use large bins under the Milli. but mine are quite a bit bigger & have wheels, & on top of those I have smaller ones, I keep mostly larger pieces (for backs), one is for scraps, one is for unfinnished quilts, that's getting empty, I must go shopping for more fabric !!!!;)

Smaller scarps & blocks I keep in smaller clear plastic drawer units on shelfs above my cutting table. And I have an assortment of boxes & bins under the DSM table & cutting table. When the down stairs bath/laundry room is finnished I plan on useing part of it for more storage, possibly another wooden shelving unit with smaller bins, so I can separate smaller pieces of fabric ie. fat quarters or less in to them, need more money !!!!

I would post pic's but the room is such a mess, :( I hope to get a little clean up done, after the kids go to school.

Best of luck getting sorted out, I can get there, just can't stay there. ;)

p.s. have you done a "search" on this, there must be tons of old threads on this subject. On the first page of this forum, click on the "search" button at the top of the page, type in storage, or maybe fabric storage, or words to that affect. You would be surprised at the stuff that will come up.

Every question you have to ask about this business has already been asked, by the great ones.

p.p.s.s. Kathaleen Crabtree has a great web-shots album, on page 2, she has pic's of her studio/quilting room, I found it by way of search, type in storage, on the first page you will see the word "HELLO", click on that. It is Kathaleen's intro. to the forum, if you click on her webshots address at the bottom, you'll get to where you want to go, remember second page.

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Can I come play in your studio? I can hardly wait until I get all that glorious thread. It would be like playing in a rainbow:D

I had hoped to take your class at Innovations but can't make it until Thursday. Any chance you might be at Linda's in Corvallis sometime?

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Guest Linda S

See the little cart on wheels in this photo?


I have several of these under my cutting tables and store my fabric there. They have a melamine top on them, so I can put a small cutting mat on top and wheel them over by my machine when I am doing paper piecing, and just cut and finger press right there. Love those little jobs!


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I'm a thread nut....I love all that thread. I have mine in drawers like that too. I have them sorted - but why I don't know....there are about 10 spools in each drawer. Not really, there are a few more than that, but not as many as you have.

My studio needs more organization I love seeing all of these pictures.

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Oh Thanks for the photos! Love those metal drawers - they look nice and

smooth. I was wondering about the "breathing" of fabric, in the totes, but

I like how they stay clean and dust free. I have batting under my machine

right now, would like to put that all up on the wall, like in a closet. When

we build the studio that is what I want. Then you can close the doors to

keep them clean / covered.

Ya know - I did do a search before I posted this, but I had put in "fabric

stash" did not think to type in storage!! LOL!! Silly me..... I will try that and

then I am off to find a website for Container Store! Thanks for that Cheryl -

I like the white wire baskets too in your closet!

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Great Ideas! Cheryl, love those metal carts for thread...I might need a drawer or two at this point, someday when I grow up I wanna be JUST like you :)

I have a nearly 30 yrs stash of fabric and I have been a fabriholic since before that term was defined....I went to Home Depot bought the heavy duty 2 hole organizer rods, mounted them into studs on the walls, bought brackets and then placed my fabrics in open tubs salvaged from the grocery store. They are white plastic and grapes were sent in them. They have vented sides and are about 20x30 inches. I have a "hang tag" on the end of each one that says whats in side...batiks, orientals, b&w, novelties, landscapes, etc.

I also fold my fabrics differently for different sizes...anything 2 yds and up goes a certain way, anything 1yd -2yrds another...anything less than a yard, but more than a FQ another. That way, when I look in the bins and know I need a certain size, I can pass by the ones that dont fit my needs.

I am currently starting to take my larger pieces and fold them onto these fabric boards sold at www.polarnotions.com (no affliation) A friend of mine uses them and swears by them, so I bought a box. More to come on that later.

I wish I had pictures, but in the middle of moving and right now, everything is a HUGE MESS...I got LOTS of great ideas by going to webshots and searching with the words "quilt studio"

Have a great day guys, I am packing to go to Harrisburg PA for the show!


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Thanks for more great advice! I will look on webshots too. I did find a post

about the plastic sheets from Polarnotions, think I will order a box of those.

I have seen in some shops where they have just cut the bolts in half to

make "baby bolts" but that cardboard takes up so much room! I have to go

to town tomorrow and am going to make a stop at Home depot too.

Linda - great website - so many ideas! I am sure to get organized now!

School starts in 2 days! Yes!!!!!

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YIKES....I didn't know it was bad to store fabric on wood.:mad: I have most of mine in a wood cupboard I bought at Sam's Club. The shelves are probably particle board which are painted. I have used it for about 4 years. Should I get rid of it? I also bought several plastic containers which I have stored supplies and Ufo'S. I sure never knew about the wood thing. I was more concerned about light I guess. You learn something new every day.

I love this forum.

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I am pretty sure the story about wooden shelves is that BARE wood is bad, but if it's painted or shellacked, then the fabric is ok on it. Even covering bare wood with aluminum foil would be enough of a protection.

My former quilting teacher had a HUGE stash of fabric in a closet covered by two doors that didn't quite meet (perhaps sliding doors or just a gap between them when they closed). After a year or two she found that all of the fabric stored near the door opening had a faded band that went from floor to ceiling. Light is, I believe, the biggest enemy of fabric. I used to have my fabric (when I had less of it) stored in the open wire Elfa rolling baskets. After her experience, I moved it to those tall white bookcases with doors that you can buy rather inexpensively. Mine were left over from my son's room, and had drawers in them as well. Now I'm fortunate to have an extra room with walk-in closet with a number of shelves. Hubby is going to build more. I have my fabric in plastic containers, rather small, sorted by type (Oriental, batik, country, florals, etc) and by color. If I'm getting ready to work on a quilt and have the fabric I want to work with picked out, I store those in a large plastic bag under my cutting table.

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