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Dear Santa

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Kathy: :(

I too have lost a loved one, My Brother A.J., 5years ago today, & it still hurts, though it gets easier every day.

I hope you have loads of love from them kids, & that they are there for you & each other too.

Best wishes to all of you this Christmas.

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Hoping to learn FAST on how to work with my new CQ coming on the 27th and a bigger room for my quilting. Oh, yeh, to have Sherry Rogers to come to my house and spend a week to teach me everything she knows ;)

Peace and good will to everyone, and our troops to all come home safely.

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Oh my - oh my! I read through all of these posts - from the funny ones -

(that linda - lol!!) to the heartbreaking sad ones..... Kathy I feel for you too!

I too am spoiled and very blessed. Have a wonderful understanding man &

2 beautiful healthy girls, we live in a great house that is paid for and life is

good. There are always other things I want, but God has seen to it that I

have what I need.

As for other family stuff - been there done that! I have not spoken to any

of my relatives for years now. Like my husband said, when ever we would

try and do a get-together, it was like there was a huge pink elephant in

the room and nobody wanted to admit it! Anyhow, after finding out about

my mothers death by reading it in the paper, that was the end of trying to

put things back to "right". What is right anyways? We are doing the best

we can and ARE doing right by our girls and raising them in a loving and

respectful house. To He-- with everybody else! Easy to say - hard to live by.

You hear about this stuff and think "that will NEVER happen to MY family" -

never say never!:(

This time of year is really tough for me. I miss the cookie baking days I

would have with my sister. I miss having a sister to talk to! I have 2 by

blood, and both live within 30 miles of me. Sorry - I am done now...... time

to go and watch a Christmas cartoon with my girls and dry those tears...

Forgive me for babbling on - just need to say things sometimes.

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Yes, the kids are really an amazing bunch of young people. I am thankful everyday that I have them to help me thru this mess called life and that I am even a Mom. We went thru 7 years of infertility and then gave up on that (you know that story, when God closes a door he opens a window...) and adoption was our "window" to parenthood. We have twins (boy/girl from Korea) that just turned 19 and are freshmen at college, a 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. I tell people we have two imports and two domestics!! My husband was just such a wonderful man, and every few years I would get that, "there's nothing like a new baby in the house" feeling and amazingly enough God would put people in our path that would know of someone who would know someone that was pregnant and could not keep the baby! But of course after the 4 child my husband was a bit firm on the "we have a house full!" I am just so sad that he won't be here to give our girls away on their wedding days or just taking the boys hunting on Thanksgiving morning (which was a tradition for all the men to leave and hunt while the meal was being prepared) My heart grieves for all they have lost, but it is just so broken for myself. We married as teenagers, he helped me thru losing my Mom almost 19 years ago. He was my rock. But you never know how strong or tough you can be until you have to be.

Boy, I am getting lengthy here! So I shall go.

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Thanks Teresa! I need that I think - miss hugs too, yes I get them from my

man and the girls, but ya know what I mean. The other day a customer

was so happy with her quilt, she almost started crying and gave me a great

big hug, that was nice! I should find a photo and post it, turned out nice.

Gained another 5 lbs. the past month - I get bummed I eat or munch. Need

to keep my hands busy with applique or something - then I don't eat. I

think I should see my Doc and up my meds during this time of year!!:D

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Judy....we can add you to our list of yours, mine and ours....I have 4 sisters and a sister in sprit...so you can come play in our sandbox anytime you want to.

My sister in sprit...is going through the same thing as you are. And now that her father is terminal her mother is starting to let her back into the family, but I'm sure that as soon as she is no longer needed to babysit the dad when he is having bad days she will again be left in the dust...so I have my box of tissues ready and waiting should she need me or them. You're more than welcome to play at my house....we have fun at my house.:P

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I feel for you all who have lost loved ones, and I can completely relate to losing a sister. My only sister passes away 6 years ago. Sharon was the life of the party. Wow, we had so much fun together - I have to admit there were times we laughed so hard we almost had to fight over the only bathroom in the house. She was the greatest cook. She made cream pies with mile high merengue....oh how I miss those pies. Anyway, I thought each year would get easier, but not!! She was the one I talked to about girl stuff. Even though she was 9 years older than I, she was my best friend. I think my sister-in-laws have tried to adopt me, but it just isn't the same. If you have sisters, please appreciate them.

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