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Dear Santa

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What would you all wish for if Santa could bring you anything? Here is my wish list:

An APQS Liberty with Compuquilter on a 12 foot aluminum table with automatic take up.

A serger.

The complete collection of King Tut thread from Superior.

The complete collection of Highlights thread from Superior.

The Entire Jinny Beyer Palette in 1 yard cuts

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The Hartley Fence with every single attachment they make.

Karen McTavish's Books-The Secrets of Elemental Quilting and Mastering the Art of McTavishing

Sue Patten's book-Kaleidoscope of Threads

Ricky Tim's Books-Convergence Quilts, Quilting Caveman Style and the Harmonic Convergence Pattern

The Superior line of Poly-quilter

I actually have this list hanging on the frig for my husband and the brats to see.

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A Millie to replace my Liberty. I love Libbie, but I wish I'd gone ahead and purchased a Millenium.

Scholarships to Sherry's next set of classes with

all expenses paid.

Someone to organize and declutter my house.

Maid, cook, and laundry services for a year (or my family to realize quilting isn't my hobby, but my work and would give me some help with the chores.)

The most important and the least likely to happen: peace and understanding among all people on earth.

This topic really opened some deep feelings in me.

Phyllis Hughes

Oklahoma City

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I would like all the patterns available for the compuquilter because what you get is of not much value.

I agree with Mary Beth...time to get everything done that needs to be done...but also time to enjoy quilting and experimenting with ideas for me.

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, VA

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My wish list would include all colours of Monopoly, Rainbow, Polyquilter and prewounds from Superior.

...and....I'd love to have the energy to piece some of my own quilts in the evenings, instead of zonking out by 7:30!!!

....and...I wish for a successful birthday block exchange!!!!! :P

Merry Christmas everyone.............Sandra

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My unselfish wish for Christmas would be for my husband to be able to dwell on the positive things in our life instead of the negitive, for there to be more advances in the medical world and changes in the way people think about Mental Illness, for people to be able to afford their medicine and not have to choice between food, utilities, meds, peace, our miltary people to come home safe.

My selfish wish money to buy things I want and pay off bills.


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Okay here goes.........

A newly constructed studio, with enough room for a 14 ft Millie with C/Q AND all my piecing stuff. (And it's own potty, so I never have to leave!)

A sponsor to buy 6 sewing machines for my pet project, teaching incarcerated women to sew. (BTW I need a name for it, and it can't have needles in the name)

A new shoulder that doesn't hurt like the old one (having surgery on the 13th)

Time with my boys, all year 'round! They are always so busy now..........

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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In reading some of these "wishes" I realize how blessed I really am. Besides having 2 areas in my house that will fit my 14' table and all the accessories....we are healthy, happy, (not wealthy - but 2 outa 3 ain't bad), we have good jobs, great kids that have never given us any problems....life is very, very good.

I guess my realistic wish would be for peace on earth, and blessing to all.

Merry Christmas to all my good friends here on APQS Chat!!

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There's not much that I NEED in my life - I've received many blessings this past year. What I WANT is another story: Yes, a SR for my machine or a new Milli would be okay too; time, time, time to PPP; books and gadgets and gizmos; one-on-one classes with a pro; I really WANT to be really GOOD at what I do. And for everyone to realize that this is not a hobby!!! But actually #1 would be to have all people respect each other and make an effort to find peace.

Merry Christmas to all my LA friends on this chatroom!!!

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I love my Freedom.....but would not mind a Milli...

I think I would best benefit from someone to come and clean/declutter/organize my whole house - just so long as they don't try and get rid of any of my fabric or quilting supplies.

I also need someone to keep me motivated - to do the things I really want to do............quilt!

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I've also had a blessed year and don't really need anything...but, I could use a saddle chair for working at the front of my machine and a couple sets of zippers that you all talk about.

Oh and a flashlight to see the bobbin case better and a mirror to see the stitches on the back of the quilt.

And for my knees, hips and shoulders to be pain free. :)

And lessons from both Myrna and Sherry would truly be a blessing in the new year.


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I agree the OXY Dude needs to go....Maybe we can do a Lizzy Borden on him.

I have several wants in my life (a new Millie would be nice), but needs not really....after last year and the difficulty with Gene's foot I have come to realize that I have everything that I need to live happy and comfortable. Without him I would have been nothing and I thank God each day that he didn't take him from me. And that he allowed him to keep his foot intact, and his ever lasting limp be a reminder of how lucky we are, and how grateful I am.

I'm not sure if I had George Clooney, I'd know what to do with him so I won't wish for that....it would be totally embarassing to have him there and all I could do was stare at him.

I too could use someone to help declutter my house and arrange to have them come in monthly so that I could play with my fabrics and not feel guilty when it starts to pile up again. It only gets knocked down about twice a year now...spring and mid-winter cleaning.

The ability to have an undetermined amount of money to pay for classes, even if I don't do another customer quilt, I just want to know and have the ability to play for ME.

And I wish for the energy to get through the next 6 years with a teenager (granddaughter), in the house once again.

May you all have a special and happy holiday.

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About $500,000, would do it for this Christmas, then my DH wouldn't have to worry about having enough for our retirement, & he could take a break from working far to hard, & we could take a vacation, & I could go on one of those LA retreats, with Sue Patten & Jamie Wallen.

OH, I want Sherry to live next door. Oh, & Jamie too,

The rest of my list is far to long, & includes PEACE, LOVE, GOOD WILL, Yada Yada Yada, my intire family's good fortune & my best wishes to all of you :)


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Guest Linda S

LOL - YES!! Let's take the violins off TV and get da boys wit da violin cases to take out the Oxyclean Guy. I often wonder if he's married and capable of whispering sweet nothings to his spouse, or if he YELLS those too! ;):P I always hit the mute button when he shows up. He could be selling great stuff, but I'll never know.


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