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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say what a great job APQS did today helping me with a machine problem.

About 3:30 this afternoon my machine started making this awful clattering noise at the back of the head. Yikes! That's where the motor is! Of course, I'm in the middle of a heavily quilted piece that has to be finished by Tuesday.

I called APQS immediately because I figured it was something that I couldn't fix without help. Voice mail picked up and I was afraid that I would have to leave a message and not here from anyone before Monday. Half way through the message on voice mail a voice interrupted it and said, "Hi, this is Bob." Bob listened to my tale of woe and even listened to my clattering machine over the phone. He agreed with me that it sounded bad. He explained that because of the bad snow storm they were having that the technicians were working from home. He gave me the number of Tina Collins. I called Tina. She listened to the noise my machine was making over the phone and also agreed it wasn't good. She instructed me to take off the back cover. She was trying to describe what I should be seeing, but I wasn't seeing what she expected me to be seeing. Tina took my number and told me she was going to call Amy and see if they could figure out what was going on. A little later Amy called me and walked me through the pulleys, the mag collar, the belt, and the motor brushes. DH walked in about then and the two of them figured out that there was a gap between the bottom pulley and the collar. He fixed it per her instructions and it is nice and quiet again.

Thanks to Bob for braving the snow and ice and coming into the office. Thanks to Tina for working with me and realizing that I needed more help than she could give me on a Liberty. Finally, thanks to Amy for putting up with my bumbling mechanical abilities. I learned all about pulleys, the mag collar and the motor brushes and with her help I wasn't afraid to start taking things apart before DH got home and took over.

I'm sure its not easy to diagnose a problem over the phone especially when you are relying on someone that is not mechanically inclined to give you information and follow your instructions. Amy and Tina did it with a great deal of patience.

Thank you all so much.

Phyllis Hughes

Oklahoma City, OK

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I have to agree that the APQS Tech's are awesome. I am VERY hard on my Freedom and she runs about 9-15 hours a day when I am home. I do not clean her as often as I should and I expect my poor machine to do more then she was designed to do at very HIGH speeds. This year I took her with me to the APQS rep rally ( drove 13 hours so I could take my Freedom with me) and I have to say that Mark worked his magic and after 5 years of me working that machine to death he made it sign again:D:D It's like a brand new Freedom and I am once again able to speed across the fabric and have perfect tension top and bottom. They are our heros!!!!!

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