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shelves for my sewingroom-pic heavy


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my co-worker is an awesome furniture maker.  I made him a trade, shelves for a quilt. that's the quilt his wife picked, hanging (sideways), on the wall to the right. he brought 2 shelves over yesterday and is finishing up the one for under the window. ALL my fabric is out now, just have to decide how I'll display it. thinking of wrapping it around card stock. can you say BOING!





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Fabulous shelves and gorgeous quilt!  Both of you made a great deal.


Several years ago there was a discussion about storing fabric and folding it on comic book boards and I thought it was a great way to organize it.  I had to put plastic on the wire shelves to prevent them falling through, but overall I like the method and it is easy to find fabric that I need.  The picture shows how it looks after 1-1/2 years of use. :unsure:


You will find the boards by searching 'comic book cardboard' on Amazon, and they are acid free.


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