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If you dream it, someone will redevelope it and make a profit

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Hi everyone.  I love how fast, ideas discussed by quilters become a commercial product!  I just received my Nancy Notions catalog and low and behold, what did I see in it as a product?  Something called an "ironing cradle" which could also be used under your frame to keep your fabric, quilt, etc., off the floor.  It's only a max of 65in for now but give them time.  It looks like a long foldable laundry frame, with "heavyweight plastic" for the cradle.  It's on sale for $79, gotta love it!  PS: I'm not saying I invented this gizmo but saw and heard others talking about a cradle to keep your quilts off the floor on here many times. 

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Yeah. A lot of the ideas can be realized for a person that likes the idea of creating a small business. Actually, I thought a lot about creating a business that would be about Eco ideas. However, this idea, require a lot of money, so I've decided to get some money from side hustle ideas that my friend has recommended. Turns out that there are multiple options of earning the money online and the minimum wage of it, it's $50. I guess this price is more than enough for minimum wage per day and I guess with different types of creating the idea, this thing tip would help me in future creations..

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