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Well, it has been a week since we made the 18 hr drive to Des Moines and back home in one day. I knew the shine would come back on. ")

Boy is it different! moving the machine versus moving fabric. It wasn't going so well last night. A lot of drag, thought of all of you guys and bravely turned the top tension (yes, I come from the generation when our mothers taught us to Never...Ever... mess with tension) and it helped some, still heavy to push/pull. Off the fabric he glides. Tired and went to bed. This morning thought I would give another try! Still dragging, loosened the brake, Bam, success! Learning curve, the brake was loose enough without sandwich/stitching, but with it must have been just enough to hold it up with my sandwich.

Thanks to everyone out here who posts a problem and to those who answer. It gives us confidence to touch buttons and turn knobs ")

Lenni is gliding!!

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