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Size of Quilting Design?

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Is there some kind of a "rule of thumb" about how big your Quilting design should be.. in comparison to the size of your block?  On E2E or free motion?

I have this D9 top done and was thinking of just a big open flower like you see in that brown background fabric.. but, how big should I design it?  I don't like close stitching, I like more of a comforter look, so I try to keep my stitching lines at least 1.5 to 2 inches apart.

All suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you



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Rosemary, I don't know that there is really any "rule of thumb" on this.  You do need to check your batting, because it will say the maximum distance for quilting, but I think 1.5" to 2" should not be a problem for batting.  Pretty much, I go with what pleases me, unless it is a quilt for a charity, like Quilts For Kids, which have requirements for quilting density.

Cute quilt!

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I've often wondered this myself Rosemary and I did a sort of test....I made three charity quilts from the same pattern, similar to what you are showing. I quilted each one differently ....one looser, one medium, and one closer. I laid them over the back of the couch for a few days just to see if one of them would look "wrong" to me when I passed by. Had my husband and daughter do the same thing. None of them looked wrong to us. You actually couldn't tell much difference between the medium and dense or the medium and loose. The biggest difference was between the loose and dense. But they didn't look bad so I think it is personal preference and your batting that dictates your spacing.

FYI: my idea of close=@ 1/2"-1"     medium @1 1/2"-2"     loose @ 2 1/2"-3"

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