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L Bobbin Quickly Runs Out Of Thread?

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Does anyone have any suggestions because, I have a Lenni with an L bobbin, which runs out of thread quickly.  I prefer to wind my own bobbins because i can match my top and bottom threads and to save money.

But I don't even make two rows of a panto before i run out of thread.  I have gone to inserting a new bobbin with each new panto row and end up with a lot of partial filled bobbins.  I have even talked to my dealer about changing to an M bobbin.  ????????





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Two options for you---spend the $$ to convert to the M size bobbin. Or wind your own (or purchase pre-wound bobbins) using thinner thread. There is no rule that the thread weight, or even color, has to match top and bobbin. BottomLine (Superior) thread is poly and 60 weight---and designed to be used as bobbin thread using other weights of thread as top thread. The pre-wounds hold 119 yards of thread. If you wind your own, probably 90-100 yards will load, depending on the tension and how full they are wound. With a 3000 yard cone of BL, you can wind 30 bobbins at 100 yards each. The cost for a cone is wholesale $7.90 and retail $14.49. If you do the math you'll find out how much a bobbin will cost in just materials. If you can figure out how many yards you load when winding say a 40 weight thread to match what you're using as top thread, then figure the math using the cost per spool/cone, you can see if the thinner thread bobbins are more economical. I know they will last much longer. I do custom quilting almost exclusively and find a bobbin of BL will last me close to an hour of medium-speed stitching. If you opt to try thinner thread, ask opinions here for what colors blend the best and which neutrals are good to start out with.

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Linda give good advice on the options of winding your own bobbins vs the pre wound bobbins.  I exclusively use the pre wound as I found them to last longer than what I could wind myself. Also I get better stitch quality with the pre wounds.  The only time I have ever had a problem is when I use a heavy weight top thread and the thinner pre wounds don't play well together.    I typically do not match my thread colors, so this allows me more freedom too.

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