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roller brake

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Tell me everything I should know about the "Roller Brake"... Do I need to Unlock it to roll the quilt....

Why is the velcro getting "goopy" and coming undone inside the bent part of the metal???  Is it because I'm not Unlocking it to roll the quilt...

I know there are no stupid questions - but I feel like this is one... Sorry

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The purpose of the brake is to keep the roller from moving, so be sure to release the brake before you advance or "rewind" your quilt.  You should have received an angled "Allen" wrench with your APQS machine. You may find that over time, the brake handle doesn't hold the rollers as firmly as it once did. The angled wrench is used to set the handle in a position that will enable it to hold firmly. If you purchased a used machine, you may or may not have the instructions for this, but you can find info with a quick forum or google search.

And you are correct, there are NO stupid questions. We ALL had to learn about the brake!

Be blessed as you fall in love with longarm quilting!

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Yep as Sharon says.  You need to release it to advance or roll the quilt.  I did some adjusting of mine at first without loosening the brake....yikes....what a mess.....the Velcro did move out of place leaving a goopy mess.....I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol I believe...it took a while....then ended up applying a new valcro strip.....good news though....I haven't had to replace it for several years.....I have had to take my Allen wrench and tighten the handle a few times though.....I bought one of those multi sized allen wrenchs that had the same size in it.....I like it better because you have a bigger handle to use when tightening.....

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