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Needle hitting


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Hi everyone.  I have a Lucey, much loved.   Unfortunately, I hit a ruler, but did not have jam,.  The needle broke and dropped out of the machine on to the quilt.  I put in a new needle and all seemed fine. Since then it has dropped out several times in just a few hours of sewing.  I have changed needles, am using a correct needle, and it is not bent.  The screw to hold the needle seems to be working fine, and I am sure the needle is inserted all the way and in the right direction.  But now my needle is hitting something at the bottom of the trip down, hitting and stopping.  My bobbin is out of the machine.  Even by hand I cannot get the needle to complete its trip down. 

Without the needle inserted, it goes down and up just fine.  

It is behaving like the needle is not inserted all the way, but it is...…….  

I am not sure where to start the troubleshooting - looking more at the set screw/needle?  or just proceeding to a retiming?  


Many thanks for ideas.  


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Since then it has dropped out several times in just a few hours of sewing.

Your post is somewhat confusing, as it sounds like the entire needle feel out when you first hit the ruler.  Is this correct?  I would have thought the needle would have broken, and part of the needle fell onto the quilt.  Though your sentence above would indicate the entire needle feel out.  

With your needle first hitting the ruler and then having it fall out multiple times, you have had ample opportunity for your machine to come out of time.  Thus, I would suggest you watch the APQS timing videos, 

     Tools needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u4RgOAeSJ0     4:30 magnifier to see the hook assemble and diagnose problem


     Steps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWeqiuvwk5E


After watching the videos, I would suggest with a needle installed watch what the needle is striking when it is lowered.  Have someone turn the hand wheel slowly while you watch the needle descend with a bobbin both not installed.

Once you know exactly what the needle is hitting, you can better determine what needs to be done to get your machine working.  Give APQS a call after you know what the needle is hitting, and they can steer you in the proper direction.  

Best of luck with your repair.



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Kat:  Is it possible that the original needle broke in more than on place?  It sounds like something is limiting how deep the new needle will set in the needle bar.  Maybe the original needle end is still in the needle bar, or perhaps the set screw is blocking proper seating of the new needle.  Give it a close examination.  Good luck.  Jim

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Well YIPPEE, thank you all.  I worked with Amy at APQS, and she surmised that the machine had jumped a tooth in the belt.  So she talked me through the process of making it jump back.  Quite an amazing process .  I told her it was a lot like a chiropractic treatment for the machine.  But when it was all done, Lucy was sewing again with a smile on her face !  

I know we all know it, but APQS is an awesome company !

Thanks, Amy  



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