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Formula for estimating the number of bobbins needed

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There is no formula that I know of.  There are too many variables mainly the density of your quilting.  I don’t know about Quilt Path but Intelliquilter will tell you how many linear yards are in your pattern when you set it up to sew.  When I was quilting I would start with a full bobbin and sew the first full pass of my pantograph and then look to see how much bobbin was left.  If there was not enough for the next pass I would start another new bobbin.  I avoided restarts in the middle of the a pass.  My time was more valuable than wasting maybe a couple of dollars of thread over a quilt. After a while you will have an idea of how long you can quilt on a bobbin for instance I could go about 15 minutes on a self wound and 22 to 25 on a prewound but your mileage will vary as they say. 


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Casual Qulter,

This video should help.  Though it does not specifically state that you need to have twice that number to include the bobbin thread.  See the discussion tab/section above the video.  https://www.nationalquilterscircle.com/video/how-much-thread-015609/#

Superior shows their SuperBoBs 60wt  have about 118 yards for a L sized bobbin, and 215 yards for a M sized bobbin.  Superior also has a chart you can print out for you to reference.  https://www.superiorthreads.com/education/estimating-thread-use

 If you wind your own bobbins, you will not be able to wind your bobbins as tight as pre-wounds.  I would guess you would have about 10-15% less thread for the same sized bobbin.  

Hopefully this will help you.  

Best of luck with your project.


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