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I finally got my studio together


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Patti Jo I just do not know how you can get any work done with those beautiful windows in your studio. I would be gazing outside all of the time. You have a wonderful studio. I always knew it would be that way with your "Hollywood" style. lol Great job with the studio design.

I would like to come down and see it for myself and chat with you.

Take care.

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Your studio is beautiful! We\'re giving up the master bedroom for my purchase and will be moving into our office, which was my former studio. Luckily, its just us and the dogs and they don\'t care where we sleep!

How big is your table? My new studio is 13 x 19 and has to fit everything!!



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Hi Dorothy, Your new studio will be very close to the size of mine. I have a 12 ft table and I have plenty of room to walk completely around it. When will you be getting your machine? Or do you have it now? I\'m sure that you will enjoy your new studio and of course your new machine.

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