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Today i start using my milli


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Hi everyone, i am new to this and finally purchased my long arm quilting machine. This has been my dream for soooo long.

I haved been watching the dvd\'s and reading the book adn am about to head over to my studio to begin working my Milli.

How exciting!!!!

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Originally posted by Brenda

after reading so many posts, I\'m wondering if I can do this now. If I was unsure before, I\'m really messed up now. Hope I haven\'t made a mistake in getting a millie. Any encouragement out there for a new hobbiest.

Baby steps works well for some....jumping right in and its either sink or swim works well for others....so I would say which ever way you decide to hit this, will be what works for you.

Its not brain surgery, but it does demand a certain amount of practice and patients....very few of us have gotten one and started making extreme show quilts over night, that all comes with a bunch PPP.

There will be a ton of advise given here...and it will be a total trial and error for you to choose what works for you and what just didn\'t. Pictures are welcome from all....you learn by our mistakes and we learn by sharing what didn\'t work for us at the moment....so I guess my advise to you at this time is...get your feet wet, be persistant, don\'t get flustered with your machine or yourself while you are bonding with it and hang in there till the bumps start to smooth out.;)

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Brenda.. don\'t think you are over your head.. think you are over the machine.. Like driving.. you didn\'t learn it all before you got behind the wheel.. (LOL I Hope!) it does take practice, and sometimes we seem to be newbies to long arming, but have had other kinds of long arm machines so have practice behind us..

When I\'m on certain meds.. necessary for life.. I am mind boggled.. think ICCKKYYYY is wonderful and when off the meds or low doses, Know it stinks.. so.. take a deep breath, relax, remember to breathe and if you are really afraid just turn the Stitch Regulator on and get the feel of it..

You CAN do it with a bit of practice.. and you WILL have fun.. I think it was Heidi M, maybe Julianne, that was afraid to even touch her first one.. Had to get her to talk to it as she went past, then just touch it, etc.. may work for you too.. and look at her now.. entered in the QMS show.. really wish I were half that good.

So just become friends, turn it on and touch it a few times, don\'t have to move it, just turn it on, then one step more etc..

You will soon find out it\'s a blast and be doing all kinds of things with your Milli..

Congrats and practice, practice, practice.. ( PPP)


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