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  1. Thanks for the advice Carol. We shall see what happens when I get everything set up. I just might step down to a 10' table from a 14'. I'm going to have to reconfigure my carriage or the new table first. I have my brain working already on this one. I did something like this 15 years ago with another machine maker and it worked out for the better. Keep your fingers crossed. Zeke.
  2. Yes, I disconnect. I've gotten so used to it, it like second nature. It's in my routine. Zeke.
  3. Oh yah. Totally awesome and primo good. Zeke.
  4. Hey Corey. You might want to start with an asking price first and go from there. Looks like my old workhorse from way back when. It's still running strong and about the same age. I seen them for sale from $1100 all the way up to $4000 depending on what it come with. Good luck. Zeke. You might want to invest in a laser for the sale as well. Makes it more desirable for those whom like them. I made mine and Hotwired it to the machine. They come battery operated and hard wired.
  5. 1/8 the an inch. Nah!!!! As close to the edge as I can, almost off with a regular stitch. This way there will be no over lapping when the pressed foot comes back over the edge. I hate that. It takes a little practice, but once you learn it, it's cake mon. Zeke
  6. Snot!!!! Zeke.
  7. Thank you Sharon and Misa. Though my garage doors aren't insulated I think it will do just fine. Thanks again for the input. I thought it might be a tad different here in the southeast compared the the west. I'll just have to relearn with the humidity. Zeke.
  8. Not that we've been here for about six months I was wondering if any of the Longarmers here have any trouble with their machines and the humidity. I'm used to California weather and it's a dry hot heat and I was always in the garage quilting. Do any of the quilters here have their longarm sin their garages or do you quilt indoors. We're now in a house and I might be back in the garage due to space issues. What are your thoughts. We had the machine in the apartment for six months and had no issues even with the windows open most of the time. Zeke.
  9. Great. Thank you so much. I will be in touch very soon. Zeke.
  10. Ok. Great. Thank you. Zeke.
  11. Hi. This is zeke. Can you hold it for me. I'll take it. Our house will be ready in the middle of July. I'm at 916-689-4992. We just moved to North Carolina near Charlotte. I'm also at ztrbrg@yahoo.com
  12. Hey lady. How are you and is your machine called a "PDQ "? And is your table adjustable? Zeke.
  13. Sweet. And I thought I was the only one working on that. Zeke.
  14. Hey Lora how's it going. Zeke.
  15. By the way, Ken Quilt is a fine running machine. My first machine was a 622 and the crazy thing is still running strong with the new owner. I did revamp the track system before I sold it. The machine glides like glass and I also made the table a little more user friendly for us quilters. Zeke.