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  1. Bobbin

    If it's the needle, you turn it around. but I think your asking about the needle bar adjustment. Get out your manual and look at the pictures of the hook timing. See if the needle eye is in the proper position at bottom dead center. If not, take the side opposite the tension assembly off your machine head, find the needle bar clamp, loosen it, move the needle bar so that the eye of the needle is in the proper position, then tighten the needle bar clamp. If the eye of the needle is in the proper position at bottom dead center, the needle bar adjustment isn't the problem, and you should look elsewhere. Good luck. Jim
  2. It sounds like the rotation stop position needs to be adjusted. It either under or over rotates when you stop. Sorry, I don't know what machine you have or how to adjust your machine. Jim
  3. Bobbin

    It sounds like you either have the new needle in backwards, or when your broke the first one, it changed the needle bar height so that it's now out of time. Jim
  4. Carla: I don't know, but I really doubt it. It was such a good value my guess is that it sold a few days after being listed. Jim
  5. Luey: I don't know anything about this machine, but if you look it was offered for sale nearly 1 1/2 years ago and the seller made just the one post. My guess is that it's no longer for sale. Regards. Jim

    Dallas has a nice show each year. It's held in early March. Not as big as Houston, but still pretty significant. Jim
  7. Batting

    I have found that wool batting is great for almost any application. It's light weight, quilts beautifully, and provides really nice loft. Makes for a lovely quilt. The only drawback I can think of is that it's more expensive than most other alternatives. BTW, Hobbs says it shrinks less than their 80/20 cotton poly. Jim
  8. loop in stitched random

    Missy: The problem you're incurring is probably due to the change in geometry of the thread path due to the new spool position. You're probably not getting full service from your thread take up spring. Take a close look at how it moves when you stitch. If it isn't moving the full rotation, it won't work properly all the time. The solution would be to change the geometry, or rotate the tension assembly so that the take up spring works with the thread geometry you have with the thread path you now have. Jim
  9. Small Pleats in Top

    Kathy: When I quilt, I compensate for the hopping foot pushing fabric by pushing/pulling the fabric "wave" back into place with my fingers as I sew. Try doing that when you approach the meeting points of you SID. I seem to do a lot of SID, and I've been doing this a long time with good results. I originally thought it was a problem exclusive to the Ult 2 with a presser foot rather than a hopping foot, but I soon realized the same thing (perhaps to a little lesser extent, but still a lot) happens with the hopping foot on my Gammill. Jim
  10. M and M wheels

    Sarah: Most likely the problem you have is due to the adjustment of the wheels. Horizontal wheels are touchy and need perfect adjustment. Make sure each wheel is tight enough to ride perfectly on it's rail or carriage edge, but not so tight that it won't rotate easily. Good luck. Jim
  11. Roller Brakes

    Ann: My Zelda, didn't come with roller breaks originally, but since I built my custom table, I built a set. They aren't like APQS's, but they work the same way-put pressure on the roller and keep it from turning. I originally used the non-skid strips you put on your bathtub to keep from slipping, but recently had to replace some, and decided to try Velcro hook. It failed quickly. I've gone back to bathtub strips. They hold better and last longer. Next time one of your's fails give the tub strip a try. The adhesive seems to be much stronger. Jim
  12. I don't think Omni thread (I've never used it, so I don't have first hand experience) is generally problematic, so that's likely not the problem. (test it by pulling on it to be sure it's not rotten) Let us know what you find. Jim
  13. If "slip" stitches means skipped stitches, it's probably a timing issue. If it means something else, I don't know. The thread breakage could be caused by a number of thing. Give us a little more info about what you've done to try and correct the problem, and a bit more detail about exactly how the thread is breaking. Also the type of thread you're using. Jim
  14. Is This "Normal" - Update

    Betsy: I'm not sure I explained what I meant. While the wool batting stretches when you pull it off the roll, it snaps back after you cut it off, and becomes shorter than your measurement . Good you've already begun to adjust for this. Jim
  15. Is This "Normal" - Update

    Betsy: I use wool a lot off the roll, and have found that it stretches as you pull it off the roll, so I've started to cut it about 5" or 6" longer than I think I need to deal with the stretch. You might try that to eliminate "surprises". Jim