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  1. Liberty machine

    Vicky: I don't own a Liberty, I have an Ult 2, but I think everyone here who does own a Liberty is pretty happy with it. I think the Liberty was the top of the "little" machine (20 inch) line. I certainly am happy with my "little" Ult 2. Jim
  2. R & S Design Boards

    Sometime back I had Ron (I think that's his name) make me a custom border pattern with paper dolls on it. Nice work ,prompt service, and really reasonable price. I like Mercedes, am very pleased with their service. Jim
  3. Hi-Tech Inbonded Quilting thread

    The cones are smaller than I'd like, but will work and probably suit a lot of hobby quilters more than the larger ones I like. The weight of the thread you're proposing better suits our usage. As far as pricing goes, I really have no idea what your production cost might be. All I can say is that I use YLI Longarm Professional most of the time, and buy it for about $8 a 3000 yd cone. There would have to be something really special about your thread to get me to pay significantly more than that, so for the 600 m cone you intend to offer, a price of $3 or less would seem competitive.
  4. Redhot: King Tut probably works a bit better on machines with rotary tension systems like Linda's friend with the Gammill, than on disk tension systems like APQS, but it's still a challenge. I've never used it, because early on I decided that lint was a longarmer's enemy, and cotton thread produces a lot of lint. As you can see from the comments here, a lot of us find that the challenges of using KT out weighs any benefit. It's also pretty expensive. My advise, give up on it, or resign yourself to a lot of fiddling in order to use it. Jim
  5. Freddie or Lucy? Which one is the best & why?

    I use my channel locks all the time. I use the horizontal to baste down the top when mounting the quilt. I SID with them both if the piecing is really square. Sometimes I will cross hatch with them. I use the vertical down the side of the top to keep the quilt square. I also use the vertical to maintain the machine position as I roll the quilt, and I use both for piano keys. Like Connie, if I have a vertical or horizontal line I want straight, I use one of the locks. I really wouldn't be without them. As some of you already know, they were important enough that I went to the trouble of fabricating a set for Zelda, my Ult 2.
  6. Redhot: The "finger" is the bobbin basket retaining bracket. It's located directly below the needle plate. It's held in place by a Phillips head screw. The bracket ("finger") has a slot in it so it can be moved toward the hook or away from the hook by loosening the screw and sliding it in it's race. After your re-position it, just tighten it down again. Jim
  7. Freddie or Lucy? Which one is the best & why?

    Sandra: I'm with Cagey on this. A used Millie is what I'd look for. You mention channel lock being of little interest to you. Until you use electronic channel locks, you don't know how handy they are. Manuals are a pain, but electronics.... I love mine. Wouldn't be without them. Unfortunately they only come on the Millie. Give it some thought. As far as the table goes, I would not be happy with the cheap one. Too little possibility for adjustment to suit me. The Millie solves that too. Regards. Jim
  8. Hi-Tech Inbonded Quilting thread

    I Like 3000 yd cones myself but smaller ones might appeal to other quilters. I don't doubt that your thread is strong, but a lot of quilters like the thread to show, and thin thread doesn't "display" all that well. As for invisible thread goes, I've found that Superior's Bottom Line taupe color is almost invisible. That's what I was talking about. Colors that disappear into the background. Jim
  9. Tips For New Long Arm Owner?

    Pati: You can relax. APQS customer support is great. They'll help you with anything that might come up. The machines themselves are quite simple and easy to service yourself. Before you get involved with buying all sorts of gadgets, your probably should get used to the machine. Then you'll have a better idea of what you need to change, and what's OK for you. I am with qltnbe on the extended base however, you'll want one to do ruler work. Exactly which one to get will require a little research. Good luck. Jim
  10. Hi-Tech Inbonded Quilting thread

    Colors? I'd be interested in black, off white, taupe, bright red, forest green, maybe white white, medium brown, medium blue, bright yellow, a tan or bisque, orange, purple, and shades of these colors. TEX 15 if a pretty fine thread. It's well suited for use as a bobbin thread. Maybe not so much as a top thread. Do you have any color that could be considered invisible? I personally would be interested in that since most "invisible" threads we use are somewhat delicate. Thanks. Jim
  11. Hi-Tech Inbonded Quilting thread

    Newbie: I clicked on your Amazon reference, and saw that what was offered there was traditional spools. Do you offer your thread on cones? Most of our machines were designed to take thread off cones, and while a lot of us can use spools, I personally wouldn't be interested unless it's available on cones. Thanks for letting us know about your product. BTW, how many colors do you offer? Regards. Jim
  12. Bobbin thingy

    It's called an anti-backlash or "no backlash" spring. A lot of tension issues come from misbehaving anti-backlash (often referred to as simply "backlash") springs. When you shop bobbin cases, you will often see the bobbin case offered as "no backlash" which means there is an anti-backlash in it. It took me a while to realize that "no backlash" meant that there was a spring in the bobbin case, not that there wasn't one LOL. Jim
  13. 2004 Millenium with 12' bed for sale

    Bunny: Not my machine, but I note one question you had was not answered. As a 2007 machine, only L bobbin size was available, so I'd guess that's what it's fitted with. Jim
  14. Just find a good welding shop, take the rollers and the table rails in, and ask them to shorten each piece exactly 24 inches. Good luck. Jim
  15. Vertical Drag on Millennium

    Kathy: Check the adjustment of your machine wheels. When they get out of adjustment the machine doesn't move so smoothly. Good luck. Jim