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  1. What is "lawn" backing? Is it just a grass printed fabric, or something altogether different? If it's just printed fabric any needle size should do. If it's something else, who knows? Jim
  2. jimerickson

    Need help getting started

    You could also use a pre-drawn pattern on paper, and use your laser light to follow, for the curvy lines. Jim
  3. jimerickson

    Laser problem

    No better time than now to take control of your machine. Follow the instructions, pull the hook, install the gasket, re-time and feel like you're really in control. You really need to know how to pull the hook, and put it back together. Being able to do that will empower you to deal with the issues that challenge all of us, and take fear and dread away from your quilting. Good luck. You can do it! Jim
  4. Crazy: Have you been missing stitches at all as you quilt. I've noticed on my machine, when I miss a stitch, the thread goes slack, and only tightens up again when she makes a stitch. It could be that you're occasionally missing a stitch or two, and that is when your thread "jumps" out of the guide. If you find that to be the case, then timing is probably behind the problem. Check your timing, and re-set if it not spot on. Good luck. Jim One additional thought. Is your presser foot setting too loose? That might cause a problem as well.
  5. jimerickson

    Do you use two longarms?

    Denise: I run two machines. I do commission work, but I really pretty much quilt for our 6 or 7 person quilting group, or for guild members who just want to have their quilts put together without spending a lot of money. (most of our guild members are poor old ladies) I have one machine (my Ult 2, Zelda) at my house, while the other machine (a Gammill Classic on a 14' table) is located at our group quilting studio. I do 80-100 quilts a year, about half on each machine. I generally do not accept commissions for custom quilting. Since the idea is to keep the cost down, most of my commissions are free hand over all. I do do custom quilting for the folks in our sewing group, and a few others for special purposes, but not too many. Both of my machines have Intellistitch after market stitch regulators on them, so running the machines is pretty much the same machine to machine. As you may or may not know, my ult 2 has a spring loaded presser foot, not a hopping foot. The Gammill has a hopping foot. I don't do pantograms , but if I did, I think I'd do them on the Gammill because of the hopping foot. Because of the location at home of my Ult 2, gets most of the custom work I do. I've done a lot of modifications to Zelda, (four roller table, electronic channel locks, power lift. quiltazoid, etc.) so she is convenient to sit at and do detailed work any time I feel like it. I don't consider one machine better than the other. They're just a bit different, and I try to use each ones strengths to my advantage. I don't do this as a living, it's a hobby, and a service to others, so I don't really know how well it would work in such an environment. I think what Nigel did is probably the best way to go. Use a computerized machine for pantograms, and if you're going to do custom work, do that on a lesser automated machine. If you really want to make money quilting, I think running two computerized machines doing only edge to edge would be the way to go. Of course there would have to be enough work available in your area to keep both machines going most all the time. Hope this helps you out. Jim
  6. jimerickson

    What is your style?

    Beth: If you didn't get a turbo winder with the machine, a good bobbin winder would be a worth while investment. Any good industrial one should be OK. Unlike most of the "pinners", I don't like corsage pins. I use "T" pins. You can get them in several sizes. You might want to take a look at them. I have a small tool box I keep various tools and supplies like needles and extra bobbin cases, and oil, in.
  7. jimerickson

    For Sale - 2016 APQS Lenni

  8. jimerickson

    Speed of machine

    Vicki: The Ultimate II is a non-regulated machine, so the number of stitches per inch is controlled by the operator. The slower the machine is moved, the greater the number of stitches per inch. The faster it is moved, the fewer stitches per inch. Similarly, the speed control also affects the number of stitches per inch. It's been a long time since my Ult2 was non-regulated, so my experience is a way back, but it seems to me that I used to run it at about 7 on a 10 point speed scale. For a beginner I think starting slow would b e good plan. Get yourself something to practice on and, and begin. Start and stop. Try different speeds. In a couple of hours you should feel comfortable, and settle in on the speed that suits you. Good luck. Jim
  9. jimerickson

    Laser problem

    I think it's probably grease migrating from the gear box. Nothing to worry about unless it's really a lot. Just wipe it away whenever you clean your machine. Good luck. Jim
  10. jimerickson

    Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    I converted my Ult 2 to an M system about eight years ago. I did it because I didn't like changing bobbins so often especially with TEX 40 thread. It seemed like it was just a few minutes sewing before I had to change bobbins. But mostly I changed it because I noticed that I experienced most of my tension issues immediately after changing bobbins. L bobbin twice as many changes, M bobbin half as many. L bobbin twice as many chances for tension problems. Jim
  11. jimerickson

    Bobbin tension

    Check to see that everything in the bobbin case is OK. Check the direction the bobbin is turning in the bobbin case, the threading, and the backlash spring. Jim
  12. jimerickson

    Laser problem

    Where's the "black" coming from? If it's from in the bobbin basket, you may need to do a complete wash with WD40. If it's off the hook shaft, that bushing may be seeping gear box grease. Nothing really to be concerned about unless a really lot of grease is escaping. Jim
  13. Try spooling off about 3 yards of thread on the bobbin before you start. The bobbins may be just a little bit too full. Jim
  14. jimerickson

    Stitch regulator stitch length

    I have no first hand knowledge, but it seems to me that there was a recent post on the issue of stitch length problems, and the fix involved replacing a board. Best give APQS a call. Jim