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  1. Thread breakage

    Barb: Your stitches don't look very balanced. It looks like your problem could be a tension issue. Try tightening your top thread and see if that doesn't help..Good luck. Jim
  2. Hard to beat an old Singer Featherweight. Great machine, great carrying case, about as light as you can get. It will sew the nicest seam you've ever seen. Only straight stitch, but a really good straight stitch. Jim
  3. Check to see if the quilt "sandwich" is pressing tight down on the needle plate. If so, raise your leveling roller so that there is about 1/4 inch between the two. Jim
  4. 2004 Millennium for Sale- Minnesota

    Sheila: Don't be intimidated by the size or quality of this machine. If it's in your budget, buy it. You'll never regret buying top of the line, but you'll probably regret buying something less. I speak from experience. Jim
  5. Stitch Regulator acting up

    Catcher: I think it will. I believe the same support piece was used on all the APQS models. (the adjustable bar that rests on the leveling roller) I have an Ult 2 and I think I shortened mine, but I don't really remember-it was seven or eight years ago. Try putting it on your machine. You'll know right away if it fits. Jim
  6. Comparing APQS Millie with Handi Quilter Infinity

    Lisa: If you're really planning to go into business, buy the APQS. The machines are better, and the product support is unmatched. Owners can do almost any service required on APQS because of the simple design, and factory support both with parts and hands on help. I can't say enough about how helpful the folks in Iowa are. You'll still be using the APQS you buy today, twenty years from now. When you're your own service person, you don't need to worry about how close the dealer is. Jim P.S. I own a 21 year old APQS, and would be hard pressed to find another machine I'd rather have.
  7. Jim Erickson help

    I have an Ult 2 and don't know whether the gear box on it is the same as the other models. Besides just slipping the new M hook on, I had to thin the hook shaft stop collar enough to provide room to time it (the M hook was a bit thicker than the L it replaced), and re-position the bobbin basket retaining finger. I moved the finger by filing the slot in it's mounting bracket enough deeper to move it up and into proper position for the M hook. I see that APQS now has an M hook finger, so all you'd need to do is buy it and replace the original. With the M hook in proper position the only other thing I had to do was raise the needle bar to account for the larger hook diameter. I used an M hook for a Gammill (the hook used on the Consew walking foot machine). I don't know what M hook APQS uses. It could be that if they use a different one, it might be better suited for the change. I can't say. Jim
  8. My guess is that the finger lost contact with the bobbin basket when the needle broke, and the basket rotated catching the finger as it came around and bending it. You might want to increase the depth of the finger into the basket slot a bit in the future. Jim
  9. How do you handle?......

    With light color thread the black light might help.
  10. ISO used Longarm

    There's a good deal here on a Millie in Phoenix. For $5000 you'd get a 2000 Millie on a 14' table. It's listed as "Used Millie for sale" offered by Quazy. Check it out. Jim
  11. Long Arm reviews

    Bing: The Gammill table requires that you raise the take-up roller as you quilt. It's better than the others because you only have to crank at one end (the A-1 Elite table may also lift the take-up roller with a single crank-I don't remember). I have a Gammill Classic, so I'm used to raising the take-up roller on it. Not too wearysome, but a little inconvenient. The throat height would affect how large a rolled up quilt you could put on it without hitting the machine. My APQS Ult 2 has an 8.5" throat height, and I can put at least a 10' quilt on it. (I think it will take a maximum quilt roll of about 6" in diameter. I'm sure the Innova has as much room as you'd need. The 19" sewing field of the 22" Innova is great. My Gammill (a 26" machine) might get you 20" field. The 26" APQS machines won't get you nearly that much. All these machines are light and move easily. If one doesn't, there's something wrong with the wheels or their adjustment. There isn't a machine made that fits all my requirements. Any model would be a compromise for me to some extent. That's why I have a Ult 2 that I've customized to my personal requirements. What does the Innova and Prodigy have in the way of channel locks? The ones I built into my machine are built on Gammill parts. They work great. I've heard complaints about those on the Millie's, I'm not sure whether A-1 Elite has electronic locks, and I know Nolting. I use mine a lot, and I wouldn't want to be without them. Lots of things to consider. Jim
  12. Long Arm reviews

    I just looked, and see that Prodigy has a 3 roller system rather than the 4 roller used on the Innova or the APQS. It looks like you have to raise and lower each end independently as well. I liked the manual lift feature of their table just as you do. I do think however, I'd personally trade that for the M bobbin system and the four roller of the Innova. One thing I like about both that it seems like no one ever mentions, is the rotating sewing head. It allows you to remove the head from the table without removing the leveling or take-up rollers. I can't count how many times I would have liked to take one of my machines off the table, but didn't do it because of the need to disassemble the table. Jim
  13. Long Arm reviews

    Bing: Pre-wound bobbins will help increase L system bobbin capacity a little, but the M system will hold twice the amount of thread. I don't know where you've looked for used Prodigy's, but if it's only here, I wouldn't be surprised you haven't seen many. Have you looked at Longarm University? I imagine Prodigy has a user group too. Maybe they have used machine listings. You might also look at House of Hansen. I think they still have used longarms listed, though I haven't looked there in some time. Jim
  14. Betty Ann: How tight is your quilt sandwich? How much room do you have between the quilt sandwich and the needle plate? Are you using a ruler? All these can effect the bobbin tension. I need to remind myself every time when I use a ruler, not to press down too hard, or the stitches become unbalanced. Jim
  15. Make Your Own Bobbin Winder

    Nice winder! What did he use for a drive wheel? I haven't seen one like that before. Jim