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  1. Yes, you'll get it sorted out. I'm now in NC and came from California too. I've never had a problem with payment. I've done quilting from all parts of the world, Germany, Japan, Australia, Norway, and many others. Get a good relationship with your clients and you'll be paid. Zeke.
  2. Hey Darlene. I have to go get a Zip drive later before work and I'll send you off a few updates. Personally, I prefer the 5.071. It still has the hot keys when the last update, 5.57.07, does not. Send me your address on a personal message and I'll get it out to you asap. Zeke. That's roxie my shepherd. I thought you might enjoy her cute face.
  3. The original software. Isn't that like, 3.11 or something like that. That's real old. Almost as old as dirt. Zeke
  4. I'll see what I have. Sorry about the late notice. Started a new job today. Zeke.
  5. Hi Janet. Zeke here. Did you and your husband find the problem with your CQ. It's been a while since we have talked.
  6. I did one for my grandson many years ago called the tough man quilt which had fleece on the backside and was rolled up and held together with a leather belt. I never seen a young kids light up so bright. Zeke.
  7. Good to hear your back up and running. Feels good to able to figure out your own problems doesn't it. Zeke.
  8. Hey kids. Zeke here. I'm settled into my new digs in Matthews, North Carolina and ready to do some longarm servicing. I don't have my machine set up yet, but I will soon. I can be reached at 916-689-4992.
  9. We're here. Moving in tomorrow. Zeke
  10. We're almost there. We're in Jackson, Miss. 9.5 hrs of driving tomorrow. Zeke
  11. Sweet. We're coming your way tomorrow or the next day. Zeke
  12. Why thank you. We're leaving Sunday for NC. Long drive with my wife and my German shepherd. Zeke.
  13. Hey hey. I've been an Apqs advocate since 1995. Started with an E-ZQ and ended up with a millennium. I'm the guy that makes vertical handles for Millennium with the mushroom controls. Zeke.
  14. I am so looking forward to this. Not the moving, the new living location. The new area, the new beginning. I've always been told that the quilt shop back east are so cool. We'be only been to ones in Ohio and Michigan, and that was 15 years ago. Zeke.
  15. Good goolie miss molly. I've heard of this in a rv, but not a car. Make sure you have a quality stitch your satisfied with. Look into a 12 volt machine as well. I'm sure someone must put one out. Zeke
  16. Gave my second one to a client for her regulated UI. Bought it on the forum for $100 and re-vamped it. Rinky dink tensioner. Put on bobbin winder tensioner and a pig tail thread guild and whala, perfect. Zeke.
  17. Thank you all for the kind words. Right now we're looking for a place to rent before we buy. If anyone knows Anybody wanting to rent their place that is reasonable we would be willing to take a look. Zeke.
  18. Yes Daryl. That's how it's done. On earlier models it's under the top cover on tower 8. You'll only need to twist it about a 1/4 turn either direction for results. If you go to far it will continue to cycle up and down. Just back it off a bit. Keep adjusting it til your happy with the speed. Zeke.