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tools we can't live without


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LOLROF - my dh does the same thing to me when I am working with the headphones on. He loves to watch me dancing and grooving to the music in between stitching. But you need to peel me off the ceiling when I discover him there. I have begged him to please flicker the lights as a warning.


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I have seen some good ideas and I have some that works great. I made a small 4 shelf out of 1"x6" and put on table next to machine and to put up there to be able to see all. Put binders with supply list in order binder and a lg binder for photo of quilts in plastic sheath. On others see through sm. plastic containers w/lids. Have 2 walmart tote sm. baskets w/handle to put all machine needs in . Great ideas about walmart roller carts. I have a 3'x8' table and have lots of free space to put material in roller carts so easy see and get to without getting on hands and knees to find. Need to post a need running list for website for suggestion for items for quilting business. Great choices nita , Keep um coming

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Guest Linda S

I just installed my zippers on my leaders yeserday. It was a little bit nerve wracking, being new to this no presser-foot type of sewing, but it went pretty well. Now I just baste the quilt top and backing to the other side of the zippers and ZZZZiiippp! They're on! I think I did a fairly good job - the backing and quilt top loaded up and is lying nice and flat with the edges all even. Of course, it's just a huge piece of muslin for practice, but it came out straight! :D


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Sorry gang....been busy packing all of my toys and getting ready to move to New York, haven't been on much lately.

I had to laugh about the hubby coming up and scaring ya'll....I have come to the reasoning that its a man thing and that they get a huge charge out of seeing how high they can send us. Mine has been threaten enough times you would think he would get the idea that the next time he does that he might be buring me (also have threaten him with a bell or a beeper that goes off while he walks)....I almost have a heart attach when he does it. AND with him being on the east coast and not here on a regular schedule....when he does it, it really works and I have to go set down. His comment is always the same. "Just who else did you think was here" GRRRRRRRRRRRRR some day its going to really back fire on him and I will get the last laugh...just hope it doesn't put me into the grave before hand.

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What about PARTS for the long-arm that you keep on hand?

As I was working today I wondered about this. When I'm on a roll with a quilt....I would hate to have to wait on a part.

Do you have any suggestions for the simple things that break or need replacing?



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Okay, now I am not crazy, my husband has scared me too... of course my first time was hysterical, cause after I realized that he was there, he stepped on a pin, that is what he gets.

I dont do the headphone thingy, I have the TV blaring loud. When we moved into the house and we were on the phone to get the satelite going, the rep on the phone asked me where the second box was, he assumed it was the master bedroom, after several guesses he said where is it, I told him the sewing room, all you heard was silence....LOL.

I have a tool that I cant live without, besides all the above, it is a holder for my patterns while on the freehand side. The sales rep at the Myrtle Beach show where I got my machine from had one and I had to take a mental picture in my head and get my husband to put it together for me.

I took some pics of it. so you can see cause it is kinda hard to describe. ( I dont know if it will upload, if not I will try something else.

Happy Stiching

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Yes please do, thats great if you need to use a pattern w/lasor light rigged so you can stand in front, to get a closer view. or just a copying tray to sew. How do you use it? I have seen a gaget that Gammill has to do different angles that fits w/ a curve on 1 end of it and hinged to do angles ,which it alumimum. This reminds me of that because of being aluminum and w/curve on end. Thats a great idea. Nita

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How I made this.

Went to the hardware store and purchased the following.

3 1" wide aluminum bars

18x24 piece of clear plexiglas

Roll of magnetic tape

Roll of 3/4 " weather stipping

Two yard sticks (or a pieces of wood that are simlar in size)

This is what I used, if you find something better lemme know.

I had the idea in my head, my husband put it to gether

This is my very technical description of how we put this thing together...... LOL.

First he took the aluminum strips and measured from the outside of the bars and the when to the end where the tension holder is and used that to bend them so he could get it curve around the bars. He had to cut them down because they were too long. Using about 1 inch pieces of the magnetic tape he put them along the bottom of the plexiglas and the tops of the bars to hold the plexiglass onto the metal bars. From there he took the yard sticks. (we only used those cause we had about 3 dozen of them laying around here and it seemed like a good use for them) and cut them to go across the width of the bars, he used some small screws to hold them on. He put the heads of the screws so they would be between the plexiglass and the metal bars. After which, we put weather stripping onto the bottoms of the bars so it would not scratch the rollers. I also took a piece of fine sandpaper and sanded down the edges of the metal bars to get rid of the sharp edges that were getting caught up in my batting and sometimes pulling on my fabric.

I have a Mille, and my laser light has a place for it to be hooked up on either the front or the back. So when I use the pattern holder on the freehand side, I just move it over there. Most patterns have a marking for the center and then you find the center of your area where you are stiching and go from there. If you dont have a center marking, then measure it out and find one.

The only problem I have run into is that the weather stripping wont slide. So you have to pick it up and move it. And also, when you roll the quilt forward onto the take up roller you have to take it off, if not it will fall off.

The other problem I had was a wondering pattern on my quilt. I had to put the centering lines on my quilt when I was doing quilting in the sashing or the borders. Then I had to make sure that my piece of paper was angled so as to have the needle positon be on the line and the red light be on the centering line on your pattern.

I have only had my machine about 2 mos now, I have done about 10 quilts on it. My learning curve is improving, but it still needs practice. If you want me to take some more detailed pictures and email them to you directly, I would be happy to.

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