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formatting question

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Export to DXF is standard available in the current version of Pre-Design Studio.

In the next version, ready to launch in a few weeks export to CQP, TXT, PAT en HQF will be included.

Designs made in Pre-Design Studio new version will be ready to use in any system dat can read the formats stated.

Export to QLI will not be possible.

We are testing the new release right now and Loes is writing the user manual.

The new version will be available before Christmas 2009.

On our website there's a movie showing how to prepare a DXF made with Pre-Design Studio for the Statler Stitcher system (QLI), buy adding First and Last commands in AutoSketch. See page: http://www.pre-designstudio.com/tutorials2.htm It's movie number 19.

Enjoy making and digitizing your own patters. It is fun.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information.



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Sandra the reason you don't understand is that you are not computerized. For someone who knows what all these initials stand for, this message is very clear:D

Theo, I didn't realize a new release is coming so soon. I've barely had a chance to play with the version I have. I think I need to give up the paying day job!

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Hi Sandra,

Speeking Greek, oh I would love to speak more different languages than just German, English and a petit peut Francais :) The latter one more than sufficient to order my meals in Paris.

Indeed , the initials will not ring any bell if you do not have a computerized system. They sound strange but as Sue said if you have a computerized system it will make sense to you.

Merlot sounds strange to me at 8.15 AM, it is to early but it certainly will taste perfect with the meal I am thinking of. Salmon for dinner to-night


As you know we are constantly working on having more functionality in our program, our programmer is happy with us :)

Next to the export functions a few more things will be announced. Keep on checking with our website.

All the best


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  • 3 weeks later...

Just a quick note Laura that we have meanwhile finished adding the Side Saddle format (SSD) to the soon to be released Pre-Design Studio II.

And the new Border Maker (to automatically create panto's / E2E as one continuous line, any size you want) is super :)

I am working on the Pre-Design II User Guide, which is almost finished now.

AND.... we are at the same time working on something totally new! A full digitizing software for longarm quilters, named Art and Stitch. It will be released early 2010. You can do anything you ever imagined. The software has a lot of bells and whistles, all dedicated to quilting and is still easy to use of course...

we have to live up to our company motto "making digitizing easier" :)

There's already a little information about Art and Stitch (more to come) on page: http://www.artandstitch.com

You will love it!!


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Loes, I've been watching your posts on other sites. I can't wait to see the new products. Will I need to get the PRE-Design Studio upgrade and the Art and Stitch? I have a Brother 6 needle machine, which I love using PRE-Design to enhance PE-Design, but I also have the IQ system on "Gator".

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Jeanne, Kay, Connie,

we will announce the new products here too. We have indeed been (and still are) very busy on two programs. The latest version II of our Pre-Design Studio drawing program is almost ready. There are some awesome functions added in there: automatic redwork, applique, lots of extra quilt formats to export to, automatic border maker (for E2Es, pantos, borders) and autotrace function, just to name a few. So our Pre-Design Studio software (on the market since 2001) keeps growing :)

The totally new Art and Stitch software will be ready early 2010 - we will keep adding information about it on the new website http://www.artandstitch.com and we have meanwhile started a special Yahoogroup for it. But there's still a lot of testing and fine-tuning to be done before it can be launched. |The program is super and Theo and I are having a private ball here, until it's ready to invite you all to come and dance with us :)

Theo is working on a detailed comparison sheet between the two programs.

Pre-Design Studio is a vector drawing program suitable to create your own printed pantos, to export to computerized quilt systems. Pre-Design Studio II can export to various graphics formats, to be used in embroidery digitizing software nad you can turn the lines into redwork, applique or zigzag line embroidery designs for embroidery machines.

Art and Stitch has all those functions too and much more: it is a full blown digitizing program, with vector drawing tools, where you can assign various "Motif" stitch types to lines and/or fills and you can create and use your own background fillers. So Connie, to answer your question: if you get Art and Stitch, you will have it all in one program.

If you do have Pre-Design Studio, you can get your patterns made with Pre-Design Studio into Art and Stitch too, and take the patterns from there to a higher level :)

The new Art and Stitch program is dedicated to longarm quilting, with the possibility to create and use patterns for embroidery machines too.

Loes, back to our private ballroom :)

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