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fun with photoshow.....

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I have had fun this afternoon playing with the photoshow!;)

The test version is for free! So.....great opportunities to show your quilts;) And.....it?s quite easy:cool: - even for me!*lol*

If you want......please have a look:


Have a great day....


My original computer is broken...so I can?t use my other pictures:(

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Hi Claudia,

What a fun way to show your quilts!

Lovely work,, would love to have you here at my show room to teach!! :) You need a "vacation, don't you??:P

Bet we could fill the classes!!!;):P

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WOW! Your work is always superb and the PhotoShow is a wonderful way to showcase it.

Your English is okay in my book! I can't speak a word of German, or any other language for that matter, so keep on posting and come teach a class in the US. You will have an overflowing classroom of students.

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Claudia your amazing as all will agree.

I love this photoshow stuff. It is so fun to watch and it really shows off the quilts in such a formal way.

I guess after I go to Utah(SHHHHHH don't tell Myrna) one of these days I'll have to come to Germany too!! What fun!!!!!!

Besides I have to meet this butler fellow. lolol

Does he serve Beer?

I'll soon get to take vacation when I get the notion to. lololol

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Claudia, your quilts are awesome. Never apologize for your funny English because you do write very well, so I'm sure your speaking is perfect, too. My very dear mother in law is originally from Germany (Aschaffenburg) and I like listening to her (what you call funny English) it is endearing! Ingrid is the one who got me started and eventually hooked on this quilting thing, so this is all HER FAULT! ;) Look what she's done to me now...I am over the edge and beyond rehabilitation.

PS: I've vacationed in Germany twice...been all over the north south east and west parts and I absolutely love it there! I would come visit you in a heartbeat! Germany has the best food, the best beer, the best wines, and the friendliest folks. During our last visit to Deutschland, Andre and I put over 3000 km on our rental car driving the autobahn. Every place we went was so gorgeous. I love driving along the Mosel River! Wow...

I enjoyed looking at your web site and photoshows. More, please.


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Hello Claudia

I think Linda is right you should come over the sea and teach at here shop!!! I know your english is perfect and you have a style that every one would love to learn:P Linda has a great shop and it would be great for you to come and teach here. I will be there some time this year so we should plan to teach back to back ( this is when we both go to teach at the same time) It will be great !!!!!!:D:cool: Tell Linda that you will come teach;):cool:

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