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Here's a link to a web site that explains it.

NOTE: The part talking about thread disolving -- this is only if you are using water soluable thread for Trapunto. But the blocking process is the same regardless.

I usually toss my quilt in the rinse cycle with some Synthropol and then let it spin out and then I stretch it out on the foam board (lay a flat sheet over the foam board first). To help speed the drying, you can set an oscillating fan next to the quilt that helps.


Also Karen McTavish's book "Quilting for Show" and DVD explains how to do it, too

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I had never heard of blocking before. I would be scared to death to even try this. The more I read the more confused I become. I thought that I was floating my tops if I didn't pin them at the top and still loaded them on the bar, now I find that it means that if it is floated you never put it on the bar, wow I hope I that I get this all figuered out. :)

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Hi QG---yes, you will figure it all out!

A full float is with the top laying on the batting--not on a roller at all. You can load any way you like that works well for you. There are many ways to load both the top and the backer.

Please chime in when you have a question--you are in the right place! If you have a quilting-related question post under whichever header pertains--otherwise "chat about anything" will get you immediate attention!:D


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