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R&S Boards?

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Just found your instructions, I had lost where the post had gone so I am glad that it was resurrected! lol

that happens to me all the time, I ask a question and when I remember to check I can't find it. will post this with my rope boards and try it. Sounds like a good track to follow. many thanks.

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Originally posted by lakequilter

Am I correct in understanding that you need to have the Quiltazoid base in order to use the board or template adapters on the front of the machine? In other words, you need to have the basic Quiltazoid first? Thanks for your help!

yes, you need the quiltazoid plus the longboard adapter to be able to do these boards from the front.

The Topper that heidi has, with her extended arm can do it too. She had it for sale I believe.

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