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Houston here we COME and Claudia's Coming Yeehaw

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We are at the time of year here where it can be 60* in the morning or evening and go to 90* before noon. If you've been here before for the show don't count on the same temperatures you experienced last time! Here is a link to our local ABC affiliate just in case you want to look for the extended forecast for the period of time you are planning to be here. I'd wait until the night before you leave to check it!

And then cover yourself for the opposite! I advise: no sweaters, if you have a cardigan or fleece jacket that should cover you for anything, and wear something light under it! I don't even own a coat, I use flannel lined windbreakers or sweatshirts! :D


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I'll pack this weekend. Laundry to do!!! YUK.

Where's my husband when I need him. lolol

Can't wait. Should always have a wind breaker and umbrella in Texas. It can be hot one day and chilly to the bone the next. Be prepared.

Been raining this week and lots of Thunderstorms but should all pass by the time the show starts. I hope.

Claudia I wish you were coming. Guess I'm going to have to save some more pennies so I can come see you!!!!!

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Yahoooooooo.....I booked my flight this morning!:D:cool::D

I?ll arrive on thursday and will stay till sunday!

Hope to meet you all!!!!!!:cool::D

I?m soooooo excited.......and happyyyyyyyy!

See you soon.....

Probably at the APQS-booth;):cool:

Best wishes from over the ocean......

Claudia.....gone washing and packing

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You must take Claudia shopping to purchase cowgirl boots. She REALLY must have a pair. She has a GREAT new jacket to wear them with. She said it will be too hot in Houston...... But ........I said no way, we will be inside in the air conditioning ;)

We leave in the morning, with our new glasses lol


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I just new that Tammie started this post when I saw the "YEEHAW"!! lol!

I wish I were going to be there, not this year,:( boo hoo..... maybe next

time...... The good news is I am busy - very! Need to get caught-up with

quilts and the bills around here first. Also need to place a batting order

soon - trying to wait until next year if I can.

Have a great time ya' all - share photos and stories with us please! Sherry,

a nice photo show again so that I can feel like I was really there - that

would be great!!

Claudia and Myrna - hope you both have a safe flight. I would really LOVE

it if Myrna would come to Des Moines and have a class or two...... I have

suggested this to them already.......(APQS showroom) Please!!

Pretty Please!!:D

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Well, I finally got to Festival! It was touch and go for awhile, I'd been sick off and on for a month and the Dr ordered tests, one of them on Tuesday and I was worried they'd find something yucky and I'd miss my class on Wednesday! (Can you tell what my priorities are right now?). Then, on the way back from the hospital I started smelling antifreeze, sure enough I could see a tiny bit of antifreeze on the ground after I parked at home. Got up Wednesday morning, took the truck t he shop and got it fixed in plenty of time to get ready and head downtown for class! Yippee! Class with Sharon Schambers was very informative, although getting started and staying started was kinda of a hassle, camera problems, mostly an inexperienced cameraman I think. Her work is so tiny and intricate but she had great info on stabilizing the top before you start to prevent hourglassing, and how to do the tiny work, and breaking up the patterns visually. She also mentioned soaking your thread in liquid silicone (not eh spray on kind, this is different stuff), before using it to prevent the fraying, thread breakage, and fuzz build up in the machine. She swears by it, says there will be no problems if you soak you thread first, even prewound bobbins. It's not the spray on silicone, it's different stuff, says she believes in it so much that she sells it so it will be available for quilters and not just manufacturers. sounds like it comes in a containers big enough that you just drop the whole thing of thread in there.

I made it to the APQS booth, Mark spent about 45 minutes with me going over the Compuquilter and I'm very impressed, lots of options and opportunities for design there, ease of operation, tech help, etc. I asked him about using the silicone and would it gum anything up, He said no, you'd just have to keep it all clean which is also what stops those fuzz problems. I saw Sherry and Marna and Cheryl but was running out of steam at that point and had to start working my way out the door. I had to take my walker with me and had a problem getting into the vendor booths, the guards, (I'm being nice here), insisted that nothing with wheels was allowed in without a pass saying it was medically necessary, we argued about that since I'd already checked on all that and did all those scooters and did all those scooters and wheelchairs have passes? One woman even made a move to take my arm and turn me back out the door, I just told her that touching me would be the biggest mistake of her life adn she backed off, but they made me go back upstairs to get a pass anyway. By the time I got back up there and all the way down to where the passes were issued I was running out of the ability to walk at all and just had to stop and sit down. I was thinking about how I hadn't even made it into the thing, all I'd gotten to do was go to the class, blah blah blah and just started crying. No tissues, nose running which made me even more upset. Then this lovely lady with a British accent came and saved me! She said I didn't need a pass, but she got me one just in case other guards were misinformed and took me back downstairs and got me in a different door. Then she started to go up and down to each door and explain the correct criteria for needing a pass. No rolling totes or carts or suitcases. But anything obviously medically needed was fine. I reeeeeally wanted to be there when she nailed the ones that wouldn't let me in! As a result I was pretty much done for, had to keep stopping an sitting instead of playing, there was just too much distance walking, so I really only got to go the the APQS booth and had to leave. I'm going back on Saturday to play, and then have Karen McTavish's class on Sunday! My excitement is restored this morning!

Thanks Mark for taking time to answer all my questions!! And I'll be back Saturday to actually test drive a Millie!!

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