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Compuquilter for sale - 9500.00 Oregon

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Compuquilter for sale - Priced to sell!

9500.00 Shipping would be extra.

It comes with the original 250-300 patterns plus more than $3500.00 value of patterns from various designers. I upgraded the keyboard and mouse to wireless, with clamps on the keyboard to prevent falling.

Includes Autosketch program for designing your own patterns and layouts.

This will not void your warranty from APQS. Updates from Compuquilter are free.

I am located in Portland Oregon.

If you are looking at getting a great deal and getting up and running with a computer system that is easy and fun, this is a great choice.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 503-209-3622 or email or u2u me or post questions.

Thanks for reading!


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I know it's crazy, but I am going to sell my compuquilter. I love the system but I am in need of a change so I am going to sell it.

If you know of anyone looking for a great deal.

Brand new this would be worth over 17,000 in software and patterns for only 9500!

Thanks for checking up on me. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Yes and absolutely great!

It is a computer program and a physical hardware system that allows you to use your current quilting machine (most all brands) and work in either manual free hand quilting or by attaching to a tensioning cable with two nuts you are quilting pre-designed patterns.

You are able to do wholecloths with very detailed designs or all over pantographs with great sucess.

With my package is include well over $4000.00 in designs alone. Also a program that you can make your own designs and have them stitched out as your quilt design.

What type of machine do you own. I have a 2007 Milli currently.

Thanks for inquiring.


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I am hoping to go to the dinner.

The learning curve is not bad. Especially with some assistance.

The program has free upgrades so the original program was harder when I first started and now it is so much easier to do.

You input your legth width and pattern and if you are doing an all over then you press go.

If you are doing custom you basicallly outline the area, pick your design, fit it in the area and press go.

It requires a bit more than that, however I have had bery little errors in the time I have been using it. "Meaning the computer system had errors" Ha HA.... I am an expert at frogging but that is MY fault not the computers!

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I forgot to mention that if you are in my vicinity I will provide training for 2 days. Maybe one day at my location and one at yours.

Also wanted to comment, that this system has free updates so it is the same version as the brand new one, however, it has a huge selection of designs that came with the compuquilter that will get you up and running.

Thanks for reading.


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The compuquilter is still for sale. Sorry I was gone off goofing around with my kids for the last of the summer.

I do so miss them, when they go back to school. Summer is never long enough! Now one in junior high and one in high school! Ugg, they were only toddlers a minute ago!

The compuquilter is able to be disconnected to do free hand work very easily. It has two hand screws one on the width or (y axis) and one on the length (x axis). You unscrew these and off you go, just like you were freehanding before the computer.

It is really nice to be able to free hand one minute, and the next quilt do a very intricate pantograph the next while you sit and piece your own stuff!

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