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Hello Everyone,


We've added a subforum for the new APQS Quilt Path. Post your comments, questions, Quilt Path photos and anything related to the Quilt Path right here.


You'll find the subforum under:


Longarm Machine Quilting Training

 ----Computer Aided Quilting

       -----APQS Quilt Path


I will most likely move older threads that are specifically related to the Quilt Path to this subforum when time permits, but I'll leave a link to the thread in which the topic originated to maintain any bookmarks you may have added.


Happy computerized quilting! :)

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Thanks Dawn, 

Happy Friday to everyone!  And Happy Stitching with Quilt Path, I am in Love again!


Here's my first quilt I did with Quilt Path, and I love the feathered wreaths it made that came with the program and the additional Arlington Feathers Set (CDSET13 Christy Dillon, Digitech patterns) that  I used in the borders.  I placed each motif individually and it took time, but I was learning Quilt Path at that same time.  And getting used to my New Generation Millie with the controls on the handles still a slight confusion (I started with the multi-button handlebars).  

I have since quilted one art quilt free-motion, and now working on a fish quilt that has both Quilt Path, bubbles,  and free-motion.  I used Quilt Path to digitize and edit the fish on the quilt and placed them in various spots to give the illusion of other fish swimming in the background.  Since the bubbles pattern and pearls pattern that I had bought (1089-cat-and-fish-triangle-2-bubbles, and SET2012-011-Pearl-Strings from One Song Needle Arts) were quilted in areas on the fish quilt and I looked at the gaps and figured out I needed some fish and couldn't find any that looked like these fish on the quilt, I digitized the fish, and added them around in the larger gaps.  I could see straight gaps between the various blocks of bubbles and pearls, so I added free-motion to those areas and around the edges in wavy lines and loops.  I can post a set of pictures of that too.









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Oma, the pattern is made from the drunkard's path blocks.  I did not make the quilt so I do not have the pattern but I have the templates for the DP block in one size.  I could do it and scale down the template to use for smaller fish and up for larger ones.

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