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I really like doing ruler work.  However, I cannot get the back of my hopping foot up next to my ruler. I'm using DeLoa's castle or her Little Bitty. My ruler hits the angled shank of the hopping foot before the ruler gets up next to the  foot. This causes me to have a larger than 1/4" stitch line when using the ruler on the back of my hopping foot.. I have a 2013 Millie.  Maybe I'm not using the right foot. Would someone please post a picture of the correct foot to use with a ruler, please?  (take the pic from the side so I can see how the foot and shank are supposed to look).


Thank you so much!!



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Chris - I only got two of the feet, open toe and low profile.  I figure I'll see if those meet my needs or if I need to get the other one.  The regular closed 1/4" foot comes with the order.  I mostly wanted the open toe foot for when I'm doing small work.


Bekah - I did not install myself.  I had Dave Jones come service my machine which was 6 years old and never serviced.  You do have to replace the whole needle bar.  It didn't look major for Dave to do. :wub:  

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I changed mine out, if you want to keep as a spare your current hopping foot you will have to remove the hook assembly and retime. It wasn't that bad to do. If you don't mind sacrificing you current hopping foot Amy said you could do it without retiming. It wasn't that bad to do. If your comfortable retiming you should be fine.


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I was searching the forums on this because I have the very same question. 


I have a 2013 Lucey.  Is the foot I have on it the closed foot you are talking about?  Honestly I didn't know there were different ones. 


So, do I need to manually file off the bump on the back?  I could never figure out how people could use something like a circle ruler because it hits on the back and moves the ruler.


Thanks for the info!



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Yes, the ruler foot is closed all the way around. APQS switched out my foot for me. I called and talked to Amy. The new foot i received was better than the first, but i still couldnt make perfect circles on the back side of my foot. I sanded and sanded and sanded that weld on the back of the foot until my circles were acceptable.

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