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cleaned with alcohol

Leida Glez

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Hi. Three questions about maintenance.
1. The frame rails can be cleaned with alcohol?
2. I have read that there are two types of wheels for the vertical movement of the machine, one type can be cleaned with alcohol and the other not. No match for any site to identify which I have, and if I can clean with alcohol or not.
3. The edge of the carriage that comes into contact with the wheels can be cleaned with alcohol?
I have a millie 2015 with Bliss and QP

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From what I understand:

1- the bliss is steel and doesn't oxidize like the others. You can wipe them with alcohol it won't hurt.

2- The black wheels that are on the bliss, do not use alcohol on. It will dry them out. I use a brush and q tip to clean them.

3- Yes, clean the edge of the carriage with left over batting with alcohol. You will see black come off onto your batting. I roll the machine all the way forward and clean, then back and wipe.

Hope this helps and if not right others please chime in so I can learn.

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