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1 hour ago, StanHansen said:

I think that people should leave facebook. Forums are much more better!

Stan, the biggest advantage to our Facebook pages is the fact that those of us who follow the various groups get instant notifications that someone needs help. These forums have to be checked periodically, which can sometimes fall through the cracks. And even if we see and respond to a post, the user might not see our response for some time. On Facebook, our interaction can be in real time - and is a searchable resource for other users. Yes, these forums are a similar resource and are searchable, but they don't feed past users' eyes, where someone might say, "Wait, that's just like what I experienced!"

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I prefer this forum and when I first became a millie owner this forum was really hopping and loved it.  I couldn't wait to open the forum and look at all the inspiration quilters had posted.  Sadly al

I'm just a curious person.  I was wondering  if you prefer forums or facebook groups?  I'm a forum gal.  I love the forum because you can guess how long a person has been involved with a product or sk

Excellent question. I prefer this forum. I spend lots of time on FB, more than I should partly because you have to swim through so much stuff. As a couple have said, it is difficult to find what

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I have decided that I am going to leave FB in the next week or two.  I have had enough of the spewing hate there from both sides.  I also do not believe in the censorship there and other sites.  I have none of our kids or grands on FB.  Most other family members are not on either, or rarely ever post.  I have never posted much here but I read.  Somehow this did not get transferred when I got this new computer and I could not get in under IQuiltToo.  I had to sign in as a new user.  Looking forward to being here again! 

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You get a more professional response to your questions here. I was surprised by the number of folks advocating using sheets for backing on FB. Plus no politics or alternative facts here. Only wish the more recent responses were on top and didn't have to wade through several years of responses. Some old ones are still helpful so don't want to dump the old.


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