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Christmas blocks or a round robin???


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Seems like many of us are winding down on our friendship blocks, so let\'s go ahead and get some planning done on this one. I don\'t have a problem doing the paperwork again, it wasn\'t hard, just time consuming.

What about 15 inch blocks instead of 12? That way we could get more quilt for our deal, so to speak. Everybody could make 12, exactly alike, then mail them out.

If you got 12 15 inch blocks you\'d have a 45X60 top without sashings or borders. How does that sound, or do you all prefer 12" size?

I think we agreed to Christmas prints in reds, greens, and golds, with solid color accents. They will all be going on sale in June or July, so let\'s get it good and organized before then and make the end of August/first of September be the mailing cut off- before some of you get busy with customer quilts.

<b>Post here</b> to let me know what you want to do. I\'ll start working on the mailing lists.

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I have addresses for:

Sandra D


Dawn Lammers


Bobbi Brady


Beth Durand


Judi O.


Nancy Propheter

Mary Ross

Janet Armstrong

Michelle Strickland

Diane B

Barbara Goodson

Merry Jo


Melora (if you want to play- we\'re doing red/green/gold)

The rest of you need to send me an email with your full name/APQS ID/ and address.

Let\'s plan on 15" (15 1/2" rough) blocks (I\'ll print out a bunch of 15 " star patterns for anybody who needs them) in Christmas prints of red, green, and gold. Let\'s close sign ups on April 1st and get started making and mailing these. Last day to mail August 30th??? That will give everybody 5 months to make and mail, and get the blocks to their destinations before the customers start arriving.

If you need rules on how this works, email me and I\'ll send them. I\'m not going to repost all that, because so many of us did the friendship blocks.

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Okay, a couple of quick answers. 15 inch blocks, think Christmasy- no they don\'t have to be stars, but those seem to sew up very easily and there are hundreds of variations out there. Mine will probably be some type of star.


We won\'t all make the same block pattern, but all the blocks YOU make will be the same pattern (whatever you choose to make). Does that make sense? It doesn\'t sound like it does.

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Thanks Coleen for catching that. I didn\'t read closely.

Okay here are the rules:

Everybody will make 12 identical-15 1/2" Chrstmas blocks in reds ,greens, and golds.

You will receive a list of 12 names. You will mail out your blocks to the 12 people on your list. Everybody\'s list will be different, so who you are mailing to is not necessarily who you will be receiving from..

When you receive a block in the mail you come on here and THANK the person who made it for you. (Some people still have a hard time with that part;) )

You may begin to mail your blocks as soon as they are finished , but all of them need to be mailed in time for people to receive them by the first week in September.

Fabrics should be 100% cotton, and probably prewashed since we\'re working with reds and greens (Sorry!!!)

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