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Hi everyone,

I have been reading along with many others as I have been

trying to figure out how to log in. Now that I have that done,

My name in Ginny Snowden have had my UII since 1996 or 7

and I love it. Have been a quilter for 14 years. You are all so wonderful, I\'ve learned more from this forum in the last couple of months than in all those years.

I live in Pflugerville, Texas There is a new Rep in Austin 15 miles from home. Soon will check out Lennie.

You all go girls:D:D:D:D

Can you tell I am ADD?

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Hi Ginny, I love this forum too. Its the place to learn heaps, and browse around when I really should be either quilting or getting my office up to date. Gotta love those American names - Pflugerville - wow, although I live in remote rural Western Australia on a farm near a place called Salmon Gums, which is very definitely a one horse town. So glad we\'ve got this forum to link us all together.

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