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  1. Loyal customers. ???

    Lora, great topic which needs to be brought up every now and then. I like hearing what's happening in other parts of the country and world. I have Millie with an IQ. I did not raise my prices when I got my computer. I didn't need to because I could do more quilts which evened the field. I charge a penny and a half for loose pantos/e2e and 2 pennies for tight pantos/e2e. I have a Quilt finishing shop a block away from me (I'm also in a small town) who charges about the same. The owner and I have a great relationship because she just does pantos/e2e. She also sells batting, wide backs and flannel. She does no custom, so she sends those customers to me or another longarmer. There's work for everyone. You really have to flow with the local pricing or you will loose those "bread and butter" customers. When I moved to Michigan, I asked around about longarm pricing before I decided on what to charge. I ask my customers to pick out the panto they want from the hundreds I have but if a customer wants a particular panto design that I don't have (i.e. hippos, fire hose, particular flowers), I charge them a one time special design charge of $15.00, plus my normal square inch charge. It will help you build your design catalog fast without coming directly from your pocket. I do the same with my embroidery business. Great info, advise and thoughts everyone.
  2. Marci, welcome back. I love seeing what has been done for memory quilts. The ones you have pics of are beautiful. I really love how you did the ties. So sorry to hear about your brother. There's a lot of new quilters in the forum and many of us "old ones". A lot of APQS quilters are in the "I love APQS" facebook group instead of here. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  3. Thank you Sharon, I appreciate the info and kind words. I did 27 years in the Navy and loved every minute of it. Our National Anthem still brings tears to my eyes.
  4. Betsy, thank you so much for posting the letter from himself. I can read how lonely he must be. I'm so joyed that we made the quilt and that it is giving him comfort. Please PM me his address, I want to send him a card for the holidays. Linda, I love the picture, I don't think they ever took a bad one. They adored each other.
  5. Sharon, your quilts are so exquisite! I wish I didn't have a 7 to 4 job with a 45 minute drive, so I could make more quilts. I haven't even made myself a QOV.
  6. Fons and Porter have lot's of "Quilts of Valor" patterns on their website.
  7. I believe the topic was discussed on here a few times. Try searching autism or weighted. You can probably google it too. Great advice Sewingpup.
  8. pool noodles for quilts

    I haven't had any problems. However, I've never rolled a quilt on them for a long period.
  9. M and M wheels

    Keep the questions coming, we're ready to see some "quilt eye candy"!!!!
  10. Bobbins for Ultimate 1

    Yep, APQS uses "Smart Bobbins".
  11. Magnifier warning

    I'm very careful with my magnifying glasses for this reason. I might be 64 3/4 but remember playing with them in science class. Really glad the burn stayed on the mat.
  12. Praying for everyone in the path of Irma and Jose. Please prepare for their arrival, I was an Emergency Manager for 8 years and found most are not convinced these storms are as bad as predicted, they're worse. Hopefully, Irma will turn out to the Atlantic but she looks determined to go ashore. I live in Michigan but you are welcome to come to my home, if needed. For my quilty friends I have plenty of UFOs to work on if you come north! God Bless and be with you.
  13. Love it, who knew turning the ole nine patch a few degrees would make such a difference.
  14. Love it. I haven't seen that pattern, it's interesting and beautiful.
  15. Cactus Collage quilted

    Terri, your work is inspiring. I wish I had more time to quilt.
  16. Glad to hear you are ok. Thank you for the report. I'm still waiting to hear from a Tampa friend who evacuated to Orlando.
  17. Liberty Machine

    Diane, I'm not sure where you are located, but if you need help setting up your new baby, let us know in the forum.
  18. After hours Support

    Check all your pigtails (thread guides), make sure the thread hasn't slid back to the screw. Every time I can't figure out what's going on with my thread breaks, I find the thread sneaked on the screw instead of through the pigtail. Did you try changing your needle, when installed is the "scarf" to the rear? If you can, post a pick of your thread path, sometimes a second eye can help. Hopefully, you found the problem by now, but just in case these are my thoughts.
  19. Great job, you are on your way!
  20. Dog gone cute

    Love it!!!!
  21. ISO Ult I

    I may know someone, where are you located?
  22. encoder wheels

    OMGosh, that's not normal. Please call the factory and discuss your problem with Dawn.