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  1. Yeaaaaaaa! Let the practicing begin. Don't forget to breath.
  2. and practice some more!!!!!
  3. Congrats! Time to prepare Millie's room. She will take over your space.
  4. I agree with Sheri, Myrnr Ficken's books and videos are great. If you ever get a chance take her classes.
  5. Yep, baby poop works!!!
  6. Ann, beautiful quilt. I agree with Shana's suggestions.
  7. I've made a few with photos. I did not quilt on the pictures. I stitched in the ditch around the photos and quilted the sashing. Do you have a pic of the quilt, it would make suggestions a little easier. Check the quilting requirements for the batting you are using. Mine came out fine without doing the photos, but the entire quilt wasn't just photos.
  8. Not me, I'm not that good with the constant speed of my hands.
  9. Sharon, great suggestions. I should have included them on my thread.
  10. The popular thread company that starts with an "A" is Aurifil . It a good thread but a little pricy.
  11. Carpet, yuck!!! I knew your pain. I don't know how big your quilting area is but could you cover that area with a rubber mat or the interlocking ones like you get for kids rooms? I have the large interlock rubber squares in my basement studio. Works good on my concrete floors. Mary Beth, you are welcome to come play in my studio or play on the Great Lakes and Canadian border!!!
  12. If there's a needle installed, I would change it to a new one (original could have gotten bent over the years) and ensure it is aligned with the needle plate so it doesn't break. I'm sure others familiar with Lenni will chime in to give you advice.
  13. Litebrite, the tables come standard 10, 12 and 14. Can you use a 10ft?
  14. Terry do you know the cost in US currency? I'm guessing the C 45.00 is Canadian?
  15. I'm checking the website. Love all of the quilts.
  16. Beautiful, I love vintage also.
  17. Great job, did you make the couch cover? I wish I could make one.
  18. Wow, I know what you are talking about. It's to bad the piecer didn't remove as much stabilizer as possible. You should be fine with Charlene's suggestion. Just go slow if possible, you will probably get a lot of needle flex. You can read about needle flex on the website info.
  19. It all depends on your batting and what your eye likes. Your batting info will tell you how close your quilting needs to be.
  20. Sounds like someone wants to use a military wool blanket for batting. If it is a "military blanket" it will shrink. I would worry about needle flex with the blanket. I know I'm jumping in here late but I've been out of town for a few days. I hope you said no to the customer. Great to see you on the forum, miss some of the "ole gang".
  21. Great job, love the quilt. It looks huge.
  22. Great work, especially the echo!
  23. Rosemary, we have a lot of the same interests. We really do need to get together sometime soon.
  24. Beautiful Robin. Don't you just love the IQ. You might want to post your picture in the pictures section so you will get more looks!
  25. Deborajean, where do you live? There's a ton of quilters here who have the QP and/or IQ. Most of us are willing to let you take a test run on our machines. I bought my IQ back in 2010 and yes I had to pay for the dealer's trip to my house for installation, the initial training came with the IQ free but was given at the installation. Just like our APQS machines a lot of the customers are doing their own IQ install.