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  1. I used to pay for a website which was very expensive (websites for quilters) but now I would like to do a free or reasonable site for my business. Any suggestions?
  2. Information

    Patty, I don't know anything about the certification course for LongArm quilters. I saw a few things on facebook about it, but honestly it was the first time I've heard about it. I've heard about the certification to be a teacher but that's all. I'm sure the course would teach you a lot and being able to say your quilting skills have been certified by Fons and Porter in conjunction with APQS would be a benefit for any LongArm business. If you have questions contact Myrna Ficken, I believe she's heading up the course with Dawn. You can contact Myrna via message here on the forum or Facebook. Sorry, I'm not much help but I hate to see no replies to your questions.
  3. I have a Bernina 440 for classes. Not the lightest machine but a workhorse. I have Tutto bags for all my machines. Very easy to roll and well worth the price. I hate the Bernina roll bags, and very expensive.
  4. Beautiful quilts. Love both but maybe the small one a little bit more.
  5. Cost and capabilities. I have both programs, I find the Pre-Design Studio simple to use. I think it would be plenty of program for doing your own quilting designs. I bought Art and Stitch because I also do embroidery digitizing. Just my opinion.
  6. Just google "Cross Quilt" or Log Cabin Cross Quilt, there's lots of versions of the quilt. I loved it too and wanted the pattern. Dave posted one of the links to the pattern above. It's just beautiful and simple (perfect).
  7. Beautiful, wouldn't expect less from you. Your customers are very lucky.
  8. Love it, the cross design is something new.
  9. Quilt of Valor

    Fons and Porter have lots of "Quilts of Valor" info on their website.
  10. Tip of the Day

    I agree, sure does cut into the profits.
  11. Beautiful. I agree doesn't look minimal to me.
  12. I saw this picture in the "Used Machine" section. It was submitted by "MaryB", who sold her machine. I thought the batting roll holders were interesting. Should be simple to make. Quilters are so inventive!
  13. Beautiful, I love Sue and Sam. Someday I will make a quilt with Sue or Sam maybe both.
  14. Amazing!!!! I can imagine how excited the owner was to receive the quilt. Was it a tablecloth prior to quilting? I've seen vintage tablecloths made into quilts and everyone is beautiful.
  15. Great job! Color combinations are right on spot. I've never made a scrappy quilt for the same reasons but after seeing yours, there may be hope for me too. Lord, knows I have a lot of scraps that I can't bear to toss out either.
  16. We used your blue ribbon idea many times when this group was tight. I met a bunch of great APQS friends at different shows. Wow, 11 years, time flys too fast. Heidi, you're probably at the show already but the reps at the show are the best. I'm sure Georgene and Angela will be at the booth. They will help you with questions. I moved from Hampton Roads 2 years ago or I would be there rounding up APQS friends for lunch.
  17. Beautiful, makes me want to make a Wedding ring quilt!
  18. Finished customer quilt finally.

    How cute. Great quilting. I love polka dots.
  19. My studio is getting a facelift

    Looking good, you have an outside door? A new Millie will be sexy in the new space. However, I found that no matter how big our studios are, we could always use more square footage. Is the ladder sign for you, lol. I think I remember someone falling through the attic?
  20. Hartley Fence

    On another note you might want to check out the Circle Lord items too. Just google Circle Lord. Sometimes you can find used Hartley Fence and Circle Lord items here on the forum.
  21. Hartley Fence

    Myrna Ficken can tell you anything needed concerning the Hartley Fence, I think she monitors the I Love APQS group on Facebook. I'm not sure if she checks into the forum regularly. I'm not that knowledgeable about it.
  22. I prefer the Olfa, but only buy them with 40-50% off coupons at JoAnns and HobbyLobby. Michaels may also have coupons. I saw info on the Quilter's Cut blades on FB and bought them because of the price. I think they are good blades for the price. The seem a little thinner than the Olfa but can't tell a difference in the cutting. I have a mix match of the different blades in my cutters so I think I'll do a comparison on how long each lasts before going dull. I think you will be fine either way.
  23. I asked her if the pvc sags after awhile, she answered back that it doesn't because it's cut the length of the roll, so the weight is evenly distributed. Genus! If you have questions go to "Used quilting Machines" her topic is "Sold gently used 2007 millennium with Quilt Path and 14ft table". She didn't have an email listed but answered my question about the batting holders. There's a larger picture too. Would be simple to make, some PVC pipe, elbows and glue!