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  1. You all will be missed, one day we'll get together. Qltnbe, sorry to hear you're not going to be in the booth. I wonder who will be in the booth, I wasn't asked.
  2. I'll be heading to the AQS Show in Grand Rapids next week, anyone else going?
  3. Ouch! Praying that you heal fast and can get off the recliner. When I retired from the Navy, they told me I had degenerative discs in my neck and that they could fuse them. I didn't take them up on the offer due to getting out a week after the appointment. It's 10 years later and my neck seems to be ok. I still get neck pain and headaches but can tolerate them. Hopefully, I don't need the surgery. I agree with VegasLady, if you can watch TV, youtube has tons of quilty stuff.
  4. Cute, the twins look so cute with the quilts on FB.
  5. I do the "wiggle" stitch on the edges of my quilts. I don't have a pic at this time but basically it's a long leisurely sewn zig zag. When I make my "wiggle" I use the longest stich setting on my Millie. You don't want the stitches tight in case you want to pull them out before binding. My edges never flip over on me. I float all my quilts and use the method mentioned to line the top up straight, "so to make sure your quilt top is lined up straight, I use my channel locks and stitch a straight line across the top basting the batting and backing. Once complete, I line my quilt top up with that line before basting it down".
  6. Congrats, great choice. Welcome to the club, feel free to bring all your frustrations, what the hecks and praises to us. Have fun, practice and don't forget to breath.
  7. I don't live in Virginia any longer, I'm in Michigan. I moved about 2 years ago.
  8. I love it!!!! The quilting really brought it alive.
  9. Yea, glad it worked out. I guess I shouldn't have called my Millie old, she's mad at me now. She a 2009 model, but thinks she's a 2017. APQS machines are forever young, just like their operators.
  10. Darn Zeke, if I lived closer I would trade you tables? Why did I ever move from Virginia.
  11. My Millie which is getting old, never liked the Rainbow Threads, I had to go to another brand of variegated. However, my industrial embroidery machines love Rainbow.
  12. Beautiful, you do such beautiful work.
  13. I've done a lot of straight line quilting on my domestic sewing machine (small jobs). Like Debbie, any time I was doing straight lines I used my walking foot (feed dogs up). I never had to adjust the tension either.
  14. Great job Vicki, I need to follow your lead and do some of my own quilts!
  15. Great job, love the pillows. They look so proud! I need to learn how to use my Serger, it makes a great door stop (LOL).
  16. Winter static from dry air is the reason I use a humidifier in the winter. I hate getting zapped!!! I need it for my respiratory system too.
  17. Zeke, I lived in VA Beach for 30 years. I had my Millie there for 5 or more years. I did run a dehumidifier in the summer and if my house got to dry in the winter (electric heat) I would run a humidifier. Because all houses are different (insulation/AC/heat, etc) I would recommend getting a humidity monitor. A lot of thermometers come with them. I have a clock in my studio that has a thermometer and humidity monitor on it. It was fairly inexpensive. Just watch the readings for awhile and determine if you need a dehumidifier/humidifier. I maintain my humidity around 50. I have lung issues and maintaining the humidity helps me health wise too.
  18. Yep, I'm with you Lora and Zeke. I baste the edge using a zig-zag or wiggle. I never have a problem with edge flipping.
  19. Great job! You put a lot of caring into this beauty.
  20. I've always used hairspray. Good to know about the others especially that gel ink is really permanent. Thanks, Cagey
  21. I can't imagine what nursing / assisted living home residents think of when they see the "empty bed"? What a wonderful idea to use a beautiful quilt to assist everyone with the loss of a friend or family member. I wonder if other homes have something like this? Beatrice the quilt is beautiful, love the colors and quilting. I know it was a labor of love for you.
  22. My Gator hates King Tut of any kind. It's the only thread she spits out.
  23. Sorry, I'm late. A belated Happy Canada Day and Independence Day. I love living on the border, I get to celebrate both!
  24. Hair spray works on a lot of inks.