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  1. We used your blue ribbon idea many times when this group was tight. I met a bunch of great APQS friends at different shows. Wow, 11 years, time flys too fast. Heidi, you're probably at the show already but the reps at the show are the best. I'm sure Georgene and Angela will be at the booth. They will help you with questions. I moved from Hampton Roads 2 years ago or I would be there rounding up APQS friends for lunch.
  2. Beautiful, makes me want to make a Wedding ring quilt!
  3. Finished customer quilt finally.

    How cute. Great quilting. I love polka dots.
  4. My studio is getting a facelift

    Looking good, you have an outside door? A new Millie will be sexy in the new space. However, I found that no matter how big our studios are, we could always use more square footage. Is the ladder sign for you, lol. I think I remember someone falling through the attic?
  5. Hartley Fence

    On another note you might want to check out the Circle Lord items too. Just google Circle Lord. Sometimes you can find used Hartley Fence and Circle Lord items here on the forum.
  6. Hartley Fence

    Myrna Ficken can tell you anything needed concerning the Hartley Fence, I think she monitors the I Love APQS group on Facebook. I'm not sure if she checks into the forum regularly. I'm not that knowledgeable about it.
  7. I saw this picture in the "Used Machine" section. It was submitted by "MaryB", who sold her machine. I thought the batting roll holders were interesting. Should be simple to make. Quilters are so inventive!
  8. I prefer the Olfa, but only buy them with 40-50% off coupons at JoAnns and HobbyLobby. Michaels may also have coupons. I saw info on the Quilter's Cut blades on FB and bought them because of the price. I think they are good blades for the price. The seem a little thinner than the Olfa but can't tell a difference in the cutting. I have a mix match of the different blades in my cutters so I think I'll do a comparison on how long each lasts before going dull. I think you will be fine either way.
  9. I asked her if the pvc sags after awhile, she answered back that it doesn't because it's cut the length of the roll, so the weight is evenly distributed. Genus! If you have questions go to "Used quilting Machines" her topic is "Sold gently used 2007 millennium with Quilt Path and 14ft table". She didn't have an email listed but answered my question about the batting holders. There's a larger picture too. Would be simple to make, some PVC pipe, elbows and glue!
  10. I'm just a curious person. I was wondering if you prefer forums or facebook groups? I'm a forum gal. I love the forum because you can guess how long a person has been involved with a product or skill. I like how topics are divided into categories and doing a search for topics are fairly easy. I just feel cozier with the forum group than facebook, I'm not sure if that's the correct verbiage. I'm not against Facebook groups in fact I belong to a bunch. I just wonder how long a person has been using a product before they start giving advice, etc. I've seen bullies on both but not so much on forums now. Forums and Facebook Groups seem like two different environments to me. Wondering minds are curious.
  11. Wow, I love your batting holders!!!! Quilters are great inventors. Do you have a problem with the pvc sagging in the middle?

    Wow, you really do great work with intense colors. Hope you get a ribbon.
  13. Good suggestion. I keep forgetting the black light on our machines.
  14. Baby quilt

    Wow, really cute. Great designs. It looks like you stitched around the applique, it really pops.
  15. Millie Sweepstakes

    When I saw it pop-up on FB, guess what went through my mind???? Yep, Mary Beth.
  16. Vicki, A couple of gals were looking for one on the I Love APQS, Facebook Group, if no one here wants it.
  17. Robin, Mary Beth's FB group is a great one to join. There's lots of eye candy to look at and of course Mary Beth's wonderful personality.
  18. My Lakeshore Sunrise

    Great feathers!!!! Great job. I never could get the hang of feathers so I ended up getting IQ.
  19. Beautiful quilting. Can't imagine doing a hexagon quilt that large.
  20. Beautiful, I love the colors. Perfect name for the quilt.
  21. M Bobbin Installation

    Congrats! It's so nice to own machines we can work on ourselves.
  22. Never seen that in my 10 years of owning APQS machines. It's not normal. I would contact Dawn, Barb or Angie.
  23. Eric, thoughts and prayers for your daughter an family. The quilt is beautiful. Did you use a pattern or design the piecing? I would love to have a pattern. It's sometimes difficult to find a nice cross design. Your quilting is on spot, I love it. I've been longarming for 10 years and just recently got brave enough to do minky/cuddle backing. The guys and gals on here gave me the courage and instructions, not it's my go to backing! Enjoy the sunshine, it's cold here in MI.
  24. You will love it. A little bit of a learning curve but lots of help on their Yahoo forum and videos.
  25. Zoe the Zebra

    OMGosh, that is adorable!!!! Love your quilting, right on spot.