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  1. Has anyone tried out EQ 8 yet, was wondering if it's worth the upgrade from 7?
  2. Quilta Light

    Wendy-ON, are you talking about the florescent light on the older machines or an overhead light?
  3. Great job, the applique really pops.
  4. Yea, you are blissed!!!!! What a great present right before Christmas. Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of friends, advice and help here. Let us know when she/he arrives.
  5. Nancy, what a great picture. You were soooo lucky to meet her. I totally agree that we have a kinship. My online quilty friends keep me sane.
  6. I know most of you probably already heard Nancy Zieman lost her battle with cancer and is now with our father in heaven. I never met her but felt like she was a friend. I learnt so much from her online show and looked so forward to watching it. In fact, I have 30 something shows on my DVR and her latest Nancy's Notions catalog in my brief case today. She was on the air since 1982, retired 2 years ago but still was involved in the show and her other businesses. I especially loved her anniversary show and her book "Seams Unlikely". Let's all pray for her family and all her fans, she is missed.
  7. EQ 8

    Good to know, I'm getting mine this weekend! Thanks everyone.
  8. EQ 8

    Great, thank you for the feedback, looks like I will be making a purchase this weekend. Sounds like they did the update right, EQ 7 has been out for years so they took their time with 8.
  9. Bobbin thingy

    Jim, good comments and explanation. I have large embroidery machines (6 and 10 needles) they also use the same L bobbin as my Millie (convenient) without the backlash spring. Don't want to confuse anyone but the also come with or without a pigtail. APQS and Bobbin Central (Fil-tech) both have great prices if you have to replace the case and or spring.
  10. Wow, wow, wow and ditto wow!!! 5 years in the making and the quilting had to take some time to. It is absolutely stunning. You did a great job.
  11. Bobbin thingy

    If you use magna (magnet) bobbins from Filtech (Bobbin Central) the spring is removed from your bobbin case.
  12. I use a twin bed sheet to cover Millie.
  13. MQS was disappointing

    I agree, all the shows have scaled down. I went to AQS in Grand Rapids last year and thought it was a small but a decent show however, I was disappointed this year. I miss the gotta have 3 days,a credit card and a trolley bag shows of the past. I wonder what the real cause of the smaller shows (or no show at all) is? I can think of several, cost to rent venue, cost of booths, Amazon, low attendance, cost to attend a show (travel, hotels, etc.), lack of interest, availability of cheap retail quilts, oh my? I think the number of quilt shops is reducing fast too. I love quilting and embroidery and will continue as long as I can afford it but not sure how long that will be with rising fabric, thread and gadget costs. Has the quilting industry caught up with other greedy retail industries, hum something to ponder? Heck there isn't even a quilt guild where I now live
  14. Glad you got it fixed. I used Glide and Glide Delites all the time. You are right very little problems and beautiful stitches. Just a little food for thought. When I started quilting, I was told to use a new needle for each quilt. As stated above the pigtails will groove over time. I've had my thread catch on the screw holding the pigtails too. That one was hard to find. Have fun.
  15. Libby the work is stunning. I'm so glad you are still on the forum showing us your work.
  16. Great job. Longarmer's are geniuses at figuring things out. I bet we could write a book on the things we've seen.
  17. Great job. As a Veteran with 27 years in the Navy, I really applaud every quilter that works on Veteran's quilts.
  18. Houston Quilt Show

    One of these days I'll get to show. Hope to meet you someday.
  19. Loyal customers. ???

    Lora, great topic which needs to be brought up every now and then. I like hearing what's happening in other parts of the country and world. I have Millie with an IQ. I did not raise my prices when I got my computer. I didn't need to because I could do more quilts which evened the field. I charge a penny and a half for loose pantos/e2e and 2 pennies for tight pantos/e2e. I have a Quilt finishing shop a block away from me (I'm also in a small town) who charges about the same. The owner and I have a great relationship because she just does pantos/e2e. She also sells batting, wide backs and flannel. She does no custom, so she sends those customers to me or another longarmer. There's work for everyone. You really have to flow with the local pricing or you will loose those "bread and butter" customers. When I moved to Michigan, I asked around about longarm pricing before I decided on what to charge. I ask my customers to pick out the panto they want from the hundreds I have but if a customer wants a particular panto design that I don't have (i.e. hippos, fire hose, particular flowers), I charge them a one time special design charge of $15.00, plus my normal square inch charge. It will help you build your design catalog fast without coming directly from your pocket. I do the same with my embroidery business. Great info, advise and thoughts everyone.
  20. Marci, welcome back. I love seeing what has been done for memory quilts. The ones you have pics of are beautiful. I really love how you did the ties. So sorry to hear about your brother. There's a lot of new quilters in the forum and many of us "old ones". A lot of APQS quilters are in the "I love APQS" facebook group instead of here. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  21. Thank you Sharon, I appreciate the info and kind words. I did 27 years in the Navy and loved every minute of it. Our National Anthem still brings tears to my eyes.
  22. Betsy, thank you so much for posting the letter from himself. I can read how lonely he must be. I'm so joyed that we made the quilt and that it is giving him comfort. Please PM me his address, I want to send him a card for the holidays. Linda, I love the picture, I don't think they ever took a bad one. They adored each other.
  23. Sharon, your quilts are so exquisite! I wish I didn't have a 7 to 4 job with a 45 minute drive, so I could make more quilts. I haven't even made myself a QOV.