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  1. Both are very pretty. It is amazing how the same fabric will end up being used.
  2. I had to do the same thing this morning. I told the girl that a man had to invent that machine and she laughed and said that was true. She also told me that new technology is in the works to make the exam a lot like a CAT scan so that it would just rotate over you. Do you think a woman is behind this new technology? I think so.
  3. I did one for a friend. The embroidery was dense and I was concerned too. She said go for it and I did. I did not have one single problem. The first one I did for her, she wanted me to go around the embroidery and she did not like how it turned out so I got to frog that one.
  4. Yes, I hate it when I do such stupid things like this. Thanks for letting me know that Hobby Lobby carries this fabric.
  5. I ran short of this fabric. I need a piece at least 3" by 9". It says 2008 Brother Sister Design Studio B25-CH-P24 on the selvage. It is a teal blue background with brown, white, blue, grey, green, and gold dots. I have no idea where I purchased the fabric. I hope the picture shows up.
  6. According to tv stations the situation is getting worse at Paducah.
  7. Pam, I just sent an email to Irene discussing this same topic--getting together from last year. I am hoping to go down tomorrow night but the water may change my plans. Highways have water over them today between here and Paducah in several places. And of course, it is raining here right now.
  8. I didn't get any pictures because I wasn't there when they announced the winner. They called before they took the quilts down but called my home phone and just left messages.
  9. I had a friend that insisted that I enter a local quilt show. I kept telling her that I didn't think my work was good enough for a show. I finally agreed and today was the show. They had over 100 quilts entered. She called a little while ago and said that I had won Viewer's Choice for best machine quilting. This was a quilt that I had taken apart 3 times because I wasn't pleased with the pattern and wanted to use the blocks that I had pieced. My husband thought I should enter it just for fun because I kept saying that I hated the thing. Guess what? That was the quilt that won. Of cour
  10. I have the Big Shot Pro and the Accuquilt Go. I used the 2 1/2" Go strip die today in the Big Shot Pro.
  11. The Go and the Studio dies will work on the Sizzix Big Shot Pro (by Westminster).
  12. When I was looking for a new fridge, I had the same problem. The new ones were 3/4" taller than my opening and there was no way of moving the cabinets above it. So, I had to settle for a smaller fridge than what I had. Bummer. I also had the same experience with a rod in the closet when I spent the first night with my new hubby (43 years ago). It sounded like the house was falling in. Since then my husband also reinforces all shelves and rods in the closets. LOL
  13. I have done several for family members and it works fine. The blocks had a white background fabric and I used white thread. It doesn't take away from the embroidery. Go for it.
  14. That doesn't sound like a project I can do. (husband maybe) I don't see any exposed wires to splice.
  15. Well, I tried the green and red buttons on the back and it didn't work.
  16. I have a 2007 milli with the little rectangular cover over the stitch length. I was at the front of the machine, IQ was quilting away, when I heard a slight noise. I stopped the machine and walked around to the back and found this cover in the floor. It has the speed diagram piece and two small (really small) pieces to get back in that cover. I finally got them in but now it doesn't show the speed so I know it must not be right. At least I have it on and the electronic pieces are covered. Has anyone experencied this problem before?
  17. It looks very much like spring and boy am I ready for spring. Cloudy and gloomy again here today. At least the rain has stopped.
  18. I was at your house last year during the show at your get together and saw some of your excellent work. You deserve it. I am looking forward to seeing this quilt at the show this year. Way to go.
  19. That is great. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.
  20. I got a nice card, steak dinner and a new dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator. Tomorrow he is going to take out the old dishwasher and replace it with the new one. The old one works fine but the spokes in the racks are breaking off. They sure don't make things like they used to.
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