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  1. I am sure that I saw a post on here about a bracket used on a milli to move the laser light close to the needle. I am wanting to try this. Did I dream this because I can't find anything by doing a search. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
  2. I don't post a lot but I have learned a lot from this forum. I tell my husband things that are happening to people on here. He keeps asking, "do you know these people". Well, of course. At least I feel like I know all of you personally. I like to start my day here.
  3. My husband's aunt gave us a SBS top. She is 90 and had stitched the Sues by hand. I quilted it while she was here for a visit so that she could see it completed instead of stuck in a closet. She was impressed that I could get it done so quickly. She came to watch my milli in action the next day. She was astonished with the machine.
  4. Beautiful girl. The scar will probably fade but her smile will be the only thing noticed anyway.
  5. I just spent about 8 hours this week ripping and it isn't fun. Do you have zippers on your machine so that you could take it off and look at it? If you have to rip it out, you will not make money on this one so a discount would be better for you.
  6. I bought one and it didn't help a bit (in my opinion). It is stuck in a drawer collecting dust and I am back to doing it the hard way, stitching by hand on the back side.
  7. My daughter has the same problem when trying to get an IV in. They wrap her arms in hot towels too. My husband has had the kidney stones to the point that he passes out. We made 2 trips to the ER before he passed his stones. The specialist tells him to drink lots of lemonade to prevent the return. He does because he doesn't want another round.
  8. Good news. I am glad that it was only a cyst. (which is bad enough)
  9. It can be done but it is a slow process. On the back side, use a seam ripper and slowly remove stitches. The letters are probably satin stitched. (Place the ripper in the center of the stitch on the back). After you have removed several stitches, go to the front side and lift up on the thread. The stitches will come out. The only problem is the fact that some stitches are very small, especially in corners and it may be hard to get those out. They also make a device to remove embroidery. I can't remember the name of it right now. It looks and works like one of those battery operated fu
  10. If she didn't have the $500.00 to pay you for the quilts, I don't think she will have enough money to hire a lawyer. Lawyers aren't cheap. Forget her and move on. She must just want something to gripe about.
  11. Does anyone have a favorite panto that you have used on a bow tie quilt?
  12. I am glad to see you back. Take care of yourself and have a Merry Christmas. Sometimes it is hard for men to express their feelings but I think you did a great job of it.
  13. That is a wonderful story. I am sure the family appreciated Mom's work and your quilting.
  14. I got up early on Thanksgiving day to buy my husband a gasoline power washer at Sears. Had a flat tire---only one I can ever remember having--pouring rain and could not find a place to get it fixed. I finally ended up at a truck stop and they changed to my spare. Next day I purchased 4 new tires. Merry Christmas to me. This week Sears calls my husband to thank him for his recent purchase at Sears tool department. He told them he didn't make a purchase recently and probably should not be receiving this call. What in the world was Sears thinking. After all, what woman buys herself a powe
  15. Wait for husband. You will need to read the book and have a little patience. Be sure to be nice to hubby so that he helps you set this up. You can do it.
  16. I was using a size 4.0 needle. I haven't been back to the machine to try anything again. Maybe today----maybe tomorrow.
  17. I was quilting a small piece (19 x 26") for a Christmas purse. I was using that heavy heavy stabilizer instead of batting. I have done this before. My machine broke a needle. I replaced it, stitched a little bit and broke another. I ended up breaking 6 needles and decided to quit and finish on the DM. I have never had a problem with needles breaking before. I have not tried anything else. I am hoping I do not have to do the four letter word (time). It would stitch fine while using the single stitch to baste around the edges but when I was using the IQ to cross stitch that was when tro
  18. Very good news. I am so glad you posted and kept us up on his progress.
  19. That is a nice Thanksgiving present. Thanks.
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