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  1. Thank you for responding, Jim. I appreciate your time and information and the offer for further info, if needed. I have someone looking at the pics and seeing if we can figure out something to do on mine.
  2. Beautiful, Teresa. Your feathers sure do make the blocks look like their spinning!
  3. That's really pretty, Teresa. Glad you were able to take some time for yourself and finish one of your own. It will make for a heartwarming display for sure.
  4. What a heartwarming keepsake you've given her. Love the tobacco leaves technique you used! You quilting choices are perfect for this top, I can only imagine how precious this will become for her.
  5. Teresa, I have wondered if this system may be of help to me, as well. I have permanent problems with my back, shoulders and elbows, and after having shoulder surgery last year I've often wished pantos would be easier for me. Some time ago I posted pictures of the curved bicycle handles I put on the front of my Ultimate I since my machine had only the straight up handles (not the ergonomic ones like on newer machines). After my shoulder surgery, when I starting to quilt again, my DH put some straight bicycle handle extenders on the left back handle to help me control my machine when doing pa
  6. Thank you, Jim. Because I'm not real mechanical, can you explain in very few details about how your channel locks work? I don't have any on my Ulti I, and have wondered how yours work. Again, thanks!
  7. I purchased my machine used, and my leaders are the same way (curving inwards). I wonder if it isn't that over time they have stretched in length, thus taking from the width. I've been thinking of changing my leaders also, and really think you have a great idea. Thank you!
  8. Congratulations on your retirement, Linda! Enjoy yourself!
  9. How awesome, Dell! Do let us know how it goes! Monday can't get here soon enough!
  10. I love how this all came together! Perfect quilting for the jelly roll design you did, and it really fits the masculine bill perfectly!
  11. Your quilting is beautiful! You mom made a very pretty quilt!
  12. I tried calling as well as e-mailing about a month ago and haven't received a response from Donita either way. Has anyone purchased a used one that has had to be redrilled? If so, how difficult and how expensive?
  13. Lyn, your quilt is beautiful regardless the turned block! The design is so pretty. And Dell, that took me a bit to find it, but I love the story behind that pretty quilt!
  14. Way to go, Val!! I already told you how beautiful it is, but it bears repeating!!
  15. Absolutely beautiful! And thank you for sharing your thought processes in choosing your threads. I now understand the use of the 100 wt invisifil much better and look forward to getting some and trying it out. Just pure beauty, thanks for sharing!
  16. Welcome to the world of long arming! You've received great advice, and the magna-glide bobbins do work fantastic, and they do make the learning curve easier as well. I bet your aunt is a real sweetie! Bless her heart!
  17. Aww, come on, didn't every one of us start somewhere? You needn't have long armed it. You could have suggested she tie it off or quilt it on her own DM. Even explained to her how to do so. None of us are required to take any one's quilt, nor is it a requirement of owning a long arm to police others work. We all started somewhere, and if my memory is right we've all shared how hard/terrible/wonky/wavy our first quilts were. Bottom line, quit cutting down a customer. She is a customer because you chose to take in her quilt. It doesn't matter if it was guilt behind doing so. Either way, you
  18. Oh, so pretttty! And the batiks are beautiful!
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