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  1. And Cee, seven feet?! Hubby showed me some cracks in the fields but ours are not that deep! Just keep praying for rain!
  2. Ready for fall here too!! I've never heard of corn hay but I can imagine farmers doing anything creative to help defray the cost of feeding due to all this. I've heard about guys selling out their cattle herds, and two of our friends have given up on milking cows, this was basically the last straw for them hanging in there. Our new growth hay isn't growing, so we don't know if we'll have to replant next year and change our rotation; whichever, it will surely be a loss to us. We depend on selling a lot of hay as second income. Well, I should not complain as we do have our health, and we are farming by choice. But fall can't get here soon enough!!
  3. Love the design and colors - wow! Saving this one to my favorites, thanks!
  4. Linda, I drove to down to Clinton this past week and was shocked to see what looked like an empty pond. I had to turn around and look again. Yep, dry as a bone! And I saw another one after that - I've not seen it like this before. And we have neighbors on our gravel road who have sandier soil and/or over limestone who have already chopped their brown corn for silage to get at least something out of it. There were no ears set so not much nutritional value but will at least be something to help. Here on our farm we set a little higher than land around us, and we've watched many a rains go around us. So far, because our soil is black loam, our corn hasn't started dying off, but if we don't get some rain very soon it is inevitable. On a happier note, though, I had been watering our garden earlier, but we then quit because when our neighbor had to dig a deeper well when theirs dropped too low to maintain any pressure (that is not something we wanted to happen here). We must have watered at the right time, and quit when it least mattered, though, because when I checked the sweetcorn yesterday we have full ears ready! Now I'm scrambling to get rid of a lot of it as well as freeze a bunch. It wouldn't be such a scramble except I gave up on the corn and expected nothing..... and was very pleasantly surprised!
  5. Here is a picture of a creek that is up here in NE Iowa. It runs about a mile further south of where I took the picture into a larger river here. We've only had 2 1/4" of rain here at our farm in the last 15 weeks - this is why there's no flow. Now we're hearing about fish kills in other creeks and rivers from the low water and the high water temps. Pray for rain!
  6. I've got one on the frame right now that I am doing that with. I have such problems with tendonitis that I just wanted to get it restitched as painlessly as possible. With the remaining old stitching still in place it lays real nice on the frame. I think you'll have it turn out well also. I've seen posts here where others have done it this way just as you describe you are preparing it. Post a pic when done!
  7. Oh, my - absolutely love it! Thank you so much for always sharing so much of your information and talents!
  8. My arms are wrapped around you in a loving hug. I pray for strength and comfort as your son goes through treatment and recovery, and for comfort for you as you help him during this hard period of his life and yours. I have not lost a child, but we are going through a difficult time with a grandchild right now and that is harder than one can imagine. My father had throat cancer and beat it - it was not easy and it was not fast - but it was accomplished - as your son will do (absolutely positive thoughts!!!!) ((Hugs)) to your whole family.
  9. I'm with Lucy; however, I've used PayPal safely for years. If you accept a money order I would require it to come from the US Postal Service - too many bank money orders are easily forged, but the USPS ones are not. Look forward to seeing posted what you have for sale!
  10. Sure looks nice beside your beautiful quilting! I would stop by for sure if I saw that display!
  11. Love the definition from the wool batting used. Your quilting is so pretty!
  12. I have that pattern tagged as a 'wannadosomeday'. The intertwined circles make a wonderful pattern, and the back looks like a very eye catching wholecloth, too! I am going to mark in my directions about the borders as I think they really finished it off. Very nice!
  13. oh, dear, praying for Rita's recovery. ((( hugs, positive thoughts, and prayers)))
  14. Before I added Intellistitch to my Ulti I (and purchased their laser, too), I tried finding one also. I tried the ones you use with pets, to ones I found at hardware stores, and I ended up finding one that you can push the button and it stays on until you re-push it off at a local office supply store. They ordered one in for me. I was so tickled until I got home and realized it didn't fit in the stylus holder..... so I gave it to a college instructor who used it. Due to the danger of lasers they do not make them with a stay on feature very often and may not at all any longer unless they are part of a laser stylus type of set up. At least not that I could find, and I looked everywhere.
  15. Ann Marie, 'looks like a conveyer..' LMBO!! My hubby has said that! And when my bro stopped to help me fix the bow in my roller bars he said almost the same thing, but a bit more colorful
  16. I must be too mellow. I love this forum, and when I see spam I just hit report. That is nothing for me to do compared to what Dawn has to deal with. We only have to report, she has to watch, respond, verify, and delete from postings as well as our reports. I am as busy as everyone else, but the scummers are going to do this no matter what, and it is actually funny (and somewhat rewarding) to them to know they are getting paid as well as upsetting people. Screw 'em. Like Dawn has repeatedly stated here (and I'm sure she feels like it would be easier to just not have to deal with them either) the company is trying as hard as possible to find the least painful process to make it EASIER for US while making it almost impossible for scummers to post here. It is taking them time. I, for one, will wait it out. I feel bad that people are leaving here as I have found this forum to be the most informational and beneficial one on long arm quilting I have ever frequented. There is no winning with scummers, they are heartless, and my heart goes out to Dawn, who is taking the brunt of this.
  17. Rita, Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts. I'm hoping things are going as expected in your recovery and that you bounce back quickly!
  18. Thinking of you today, Rita. Prayers for plenty of relief as well as you recover, too!
  19. Oh, Linda, thanks for sharing! What a fun thing to do. And to show that man's wife's quilt first, priceless to him!
  20. Welcome to the forum, Kathalynn! So sorry you have had problems, but glad it is being taken care of. Whether you own a brand new machine or a 20+ year old one like I do, if it is an APQS machine, the company stands behind it and helps you with committed service, help and information. Your Freedom purchase will become one of the highlights of your year, and I hope you have years of fun stitching ahead of you! And your machine is blissed? You are rockin' lucky!!
  21. I use the Omni quite often; however, does anyone else have issues with what looks and feels like little slubs on the thread? Like little nubby balls on the thread right off the cone, but the thread isn't weaker where the little nubbies, so I just figure it is a characteristic of the thread. I purchased several cones in different colors and this is the only issue I have with it. It still sews well enough, it's just kind of slubby/nubby and just a titch linty.
  22. Beautiful! A couple years ago I found an antique white wholecloth and (what I now know is) a matching bed runner. I pondered and searched for quite some time before I figured out what the bed runner was! I'm hoping to make one for our bed as my DH always has cold feet, no matter the time of year! I love this pattern!