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  1. Such a heartwarming story - I can only imagine the sheer joy she feels with this on her bed. Your quilting is so nice and fitting! Wonderful!
  2. Where this Cinderella is listed (Hipswap) there also is two Featherweights. One is a white one and the other is a black one. I don't know a lot about Featherweights, but I'll say that the white one looks gorgeous! The black one's picture is a lower resolution so it's hard to see details. Don't quote me exactly, but I believe one was a later 1950's model and the other an earlier to mid 1960's. You don't have to have an account to browse around on that site, that's how I've seen these.
  3. lovely quilting on this! I really like the style of feather you used in the border - I'm going to see if that style works better for me while I still have this tendonitis. So, so pretty!
  4. You are so right, Angie. I've been picking up parts from the list that was here on the forum, and it won't be long and I'll have mine together. Inexpensively, like you said, too.
  5. Continuing to think of all who are being affected by these fires. Continued prayers for safety for affected residents and the responders. Bless you all.
  6. How pretty! Seeing your vintage top all feathered out made me go up and pull out some vintage ones I've had stored forever. There is no better time than the present to get the plan of completion started Thanks for the inspiration!
  7. Another week down so another week closer to the unveiling of the new site! Yaay!
  8. Welcome, Robin and Sandra! You will soon find so much friendship and goodwill on this site - these ladies here know their stuff!
  9. Praying that Debby speeds herself up and moves on out. Stay safe!
  10. It is so sad to hear how many fires are active already this summer. Will continue praying for safety for all in the fires' paths.
  11. Shannon, civilians contracted to do anything over there are to be commended, and prayers said for their safety, just like our military. My SIL has done three tours over there, and on his last deployment he scheduled the contracted worker's schedules on the base as part of his duties. On more than one occasion his Skype calls to his wife (my daughter) were cut short due to insurgent activity against the base. Local citizens, contracted US citizens and the soldiers were, and are, at risk every day. We owe them so much! And ((hugs)) to you for your sacrifice as well, you are one of the unspoken heroes. I gladly will send him a card - I will U2@ you.
  12. Well, those that have it, can you tell me if it sews well? This mini is calling me....
  13. I've never seen this 'Cinderella' Japanese brand of sewing machine, but I thought it was cuter than the dickens. The listing says the machine's base is 12" long - is this like the Singer Featherweight? It's listed on HipSwap (like eBay) for sale, I just thought it was very neat. Anyone seen this before?
  14. That is a delicately sweet pattern and your quilting is so pretty!
  15. Love the cute little design and its complimentary quilting - your crosshatching sure is nice!
  16. Sentiments I didn't know how to put in words. You truly have a beautiful heart.
  17. Thanks, all, for your ideas. I've tried most but will try to tuck my arm against my side and do the hip sway . I have a tens unit from back surgery p.t. and I'm going to get that out and see if I can get it to work on my arm. I had trouble with my left elbow for two years because the injections caused terrible atrophy that Dr. said they don't normally see. So I'm trying to hold off and not go through that with the right one now. But something is going to have to give. Again, thanks for the ideas. I'm off to dig in a drawer and hopefully quickly locate the tens.
  18. That's a really neat quilt, and your quilting livened up the monotones of whites and grays. I can see this quilt fitting so well into an IKEA setting with bold reds and blacks as accents! Nice job!
  19. Oh, Dustee, that's too funny you mention that - I had a friend bring me a wall hanging she asked me to finish up for her, and she had a package of village Christmas snow for batting! I used it - it worked!!!!:D:D
  20. wonderful news, Heidi! I'm sure you are so relieved and rightfully so! Keeping you and your Mom in my thoughts and prayers (((hugs)))
  21. Does anyone have suggestions to help me maneuver my machine around when doing pantos that will be less aggravating to tennis elbow? I'm trying to keep from having to get injections again (excessive atrophy from them), and I'm not finding quite the right grip or position to help guide the machine (it's my right elbow that I have issues with). I do a row, walk away for quite awhile, etc. - this throw I'm doing is taking forever! Anyone else have problems with tendonitis and what you've done?