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  1. Beautiful quilting!!! I just love how the roses now look three dimensional - just beautiful work!
  2. I do, contact me by message here. I'm not where I can take the time right now. You'll like them alot!
  3. Bonnie, your quilt is beautiful!! I love the colors in it, and sure do like the wall color - all looks great together! I think your choice of panto works great with it!
  4. So glad to hear your son found a home, and that his precious family is being reunited! What a relief to them all I'm sure! Yes, it can get a bit difficult when we open our hearts and homes to family in need, but the rewards are even greater. Your grandchildren will always have these memories of their time there. And I would bet your son had a sense of peace knowing his family was safe while he continued on looking for their home. Bless you all.
  5. The Ulti I is basically Millie's mom without the expensive jewelry . There are many Ultimates out here yet, going strong, and we concur with Lynn's statement. Love mine and no regrets over spending +/- $3000 on the Intellistitch. The cost to add varies a bit depending on their travel cost to come to your machine's location. If you can coincide your install with another in the area your cost drops some (at least thats the way it was two years ago.) Great to see one come up in your area!
  6. Val, you've done wonderful and creative quilting once again! Love the wholecloth back!
  7. Does it include stencils? If so, how many? Thanks!
  8. Thank you all for your kindness! These little ones are so precious and fun.
  9. Thank you so much for the pictures for the wreath - your design is the prettiest feather wreath I've seen and I love it!!
  10. Nice!! Using duplicate panels in the center really worked on this one - and the Swirls are wonderful on it!
  11. We've got a new precious grandson! Here is big brother Xander holding his new brother, Logan. Xander says he loves his new baby brother but asks us if we saw that Logan doesn't have ANY teeth?! Oh, the innocence of children!
  12. Beautiful quilt top, and your intricate quilting makes this stunning! Just beautiful!!
  13. Such pretty quilts and your quilting is wonderful! I'm sure the recipient of the QOV quilt loves all the hard work and talent you put into it!
  14. Congratulations for the awesome recognition of your talent and hard work!
  15. We suffered Mother Nature's wrath again here in NE Iowa. We didn't have any precip until mid afternoon yesterday, and then it rained, sleeted, rained, snowed, and rained once again - with thunder and lightening mixed in - before the snow and wind started for good. We didn't get much snow, but it just howled up here until mid afternoon today! We lost another big pine tree and many branches off other trees. There is ice built up all over again, and the gravel was again drifted closed in many places. I will be so glad when this winter is over - it has been a hard one. The kids will be going
  16. It sure looks like Madison had as much fun as you! She is precious, Heidi. Your fabric turned out so pretty - I was just looking at some of the designer fabrics on fabricmartfabrics.com, and they had one in the same colors of fushia and yellow. Oh, so springy and pretty!
  17. I love the back as much as the front! Love this pattern - fantastic job!
  18. This is awesome, Oma! You did fantastic on every part of it!
  19. Aww, so sweet! I've no doubt this will become an heirloom. You did a beautiful job!
  20. Pima cotton knits are amazingly soft and absorbent. I would think it would make wonderful hankies.