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  1. Thanks for the response. I would LOVE to keep my Liberty and also get a new machine, but unfortunately, I barely have the space for one longarm. I do not plan to add a computerized system, and the only "extras" that I want are the fabric advance (which I have on my Liberty), the deluxe frame and the Bliss rail system. I don't need the other bells & whistles, such as thread break sensor, the bobbin level indicator, or the vertical channel locks (on a Millie); no thread cutter wanted, either. I plan to continue my quilting business, along with doing the QOV quilts, Quilts For Kids, Family Promise quilts, Quilts Beyond Borders, and quite a few additional "comfort" quilt groups that I donate to.
  2. If you were going to purchase a new longarm, would you buy a Freddie or a Lucy? I am considering a new machine for the new year and I'm doing a bit of research. TIA
  3. My update is that today I spoke to Angie in the service department. She asked me a number of questions and thinks I have two bad circuit boards. I have them on order and should receive them on Friday. Hopefully, I will be able to install them! Also, hopefully, they will be the fix I need to get up and running again.
  4. Thank you for responding. So far, I am unable to figure out what to do. Nothing I have tried has helped. I left messages for APQS and two of the reps to contact me, but I guess nobody is available on a holiday weekend. I plan to call APQS in the morning.
  5. My left side light bars are lit on #3 & #5 only. My right side light bars are totally out. I cannot adjust my stitch length even though the indicator is lit, the needle bar is always pointing to the 7 stitches per inch mark and I am not able to change it on either the front or the back handles. I have a 2005 Liberty. Of course, I have a ton of "needed asap" customer quilts here. Please HELP!!!!! Update: Now the stitch length indicator lights are out on the front and the back dials. Things are getting worse. Update #2: I want to add that I am not able to stitch in unregulated mode. When I try to stitch, nothing happens.
  6. I remember that quilt as I was one of the "Aunties."
  7. Very interesting comments about the quilt shows. I used to love going to shows - Houston, Paducah, MQX (went to both New England locations, depending on the years), AQS in Lancaster, Mancuso in Oaks, Hershey (can't remember if AQS or Mancuso) and now rarely go to the shows. I do try to go to the one in Oaks, although somewhat less exciting each year, but it is local. No long drive or flight and no hotels. But, I never seem to like their classes, with the exception of Lisa Calle's class that I took last year. I don't think APQS has been represented there (in Oaks, PA) in a few years, although I might have the shows mixed up. I do see Innova's represented "everywhere." In fact, most of the longarm quilters in my area have switched to Innova's. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Ah, thanks, Lynn. I'll have to look into it. I love Glide; bought Magnifico, but haven't used it yet.
  9. I have lots of Metro thread that I bought a few years ago, at the same time lots of people on the chat purchased it, too. I don't know if it was "Sigma." I just know it is Metro. If it is the same thing, it is pretty nice and you can't beat the price.
  10. I use one on my Liberty. Is it the same size as the Lenni?
  11. I charge $.15 per linear inch to make the binding (customer's fabric) and stitch it to the back of the quilt, turn it to the front and machine stitch it to the front using the feather stitch on my Bernina. I hand stitch the miters, front and back on all four corners. I charge $.25 per linear inch to make the binding, machine stitch it to the front of the quilt and hand stitch it to the back. People often ask me about doing the binding, but most decide to do it themselves when they hear my charge to do it for them. I like doing binding, but I am in business so I want to earn money for my time, whether it is for quilting or binding, they have to pay me.
  12. That's really an outrage! I like and admire how you are taking control of the matter in such a professional way. I was almost "suckered" by a Guild member when I first started my business. 1) She wanted to help me out. 2) She said she had a few "donation" quilts that she would let me practice on. 3) She had one with her, hoping to give it to me at the meeting. I told her I appreciated the opportunity, but I had a pile of my own quilts that I would be practicing on, plus I had my LA for 2 years prior to starting the business. Then I found out that her "donation" quilts were made from fabric that people "donated" to her, then the quilting would be "donated" to her, and then she would "donate" the quilt(s) to her friends/family wrapped in birthday paper. What a wonderful gift! I was appalled by her blatant deception. I overheard her thanking a newer LA quilter in our guild for the quilting she did on her donation quilts. I really wanted to say something, but I bit my tongue and stayed out of it.
  13. I love both companies for their wonderful thread and for their excellent customer service. I guess my 2 top favorites are So Fine and Glide, but I use others as well.
  14. Ha, ha, ha, Meg. As of right now, your post is still here. But, ya know...it really is the perfect name.
  15. Great studio! You seem very organized but not afraid to let your creativity flow through the space as you work.
  16. What about "Rech-It Quilting Service?" A play on Linda Rech's name. Linda....I hope you are laughing at this. Your quilting is stunning, so it is not meant as a description of what you really do. (((Hugs.)))
  17. The fabrics and colors are so pretty and girly. The CL board is a great choice for it, too.
  18. I change it approximately every queen size panto. If the queen is custom quilted, I might change it mid way through and also if the batting is linty, will clean my bobbin area with WD40 and re-oil. I often do several smaller quilts with the same needle.
  19. Aahhh...that is so cute. It will be great for Valentine's Day.
  20. Thanks for posting this question. I am thinking about making something with photo's and was wondering the same thing. I would hate to give a gift that was ruined at the first washing!
  21. One thing I also did as part of my "research" on machines, was to go to a large show and take longarm classes. I was very close to deciding on a Gammill after taking 3 half day classses on them at Paducah. I really liked them! I had trouble calling around getting good info about the Gammil's. A shop in Maryland replied to me and was very willing to keep sending me all their store info about classes, fabric sales, and yes, we sell machines, too. I still get their e-mails, but really no info of substance. I went to two APQS road shows over a 3 year period. During that time I also joined this chat and read everything each day. As time got closer to having the money for a machine, I also went to visit a friend and quilted a twin bed size quilt on her Millenium. I really liked it, but it just didn't feel right. Well, back to Gammill? Nope. I decided on a Liberty. It is perfect for me. It is smaller than a Millie, but I love its size. A Liberty is the same size as the newer Lenni. So, within the companies you also have to decide which model fits your needs, too. Sometimes bigger is better but not always. LOL
  22. I also have a Horn cabinet. Mine folds up and the door closes. I bought this type because I had several kids at home then, and they used the rec room to play video games and watch TV, etc, so at that time I did not have a dedicated room for sewing. I also didn't have a LA at that time, either. It was great to close it up and not worry about it. Now I mostly leave it open, unless I am going away for a week or two, then I "clean-up." Or, if I am having company, I can clean up a bit.
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