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I am so excited!

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My LQS is having a retreat at our lodge in Fort Peck this weekend. I'm paying $80.00 to go stay at my own lodge Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday to quilt til I drop. And what's even better, two of my sisters are joining me for the retreat. One sister is coming from Enderlin, ND (close to Fargo) where they have just had another blizzard. I emailed her to see if she was still going to be able to come and she replied "Yes, I will be there. I have to leave the farm by tractor, but we are loading all of my sewing stuff in the tractor scoop and taking it up through the field to get out." Now, that's dedication! It will be so great to have my sisters here. My last day of work is tomorrow and you can't believe what an awful two weeks they have put me through. But I can get through my last day tomorrow because my sisters are coming and we are going to a quilt retreat!!:D:D

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I am going to work on my shop hop quilt that I haven't even started yet. Also, there will be a mystery quilt project on Saturday night. At the fall retreat it was so fun, we did a mystery runner. I sware when we got our first clue it was petal to the metal! I think we even dimmed the lights on the powerhouse at the dam! We had such a great time. Made a lot of new quilting friends. No one was hormonal. It was great!

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