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My first sampler is done

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I just finished it. It was a learning (and humbling) experience

The back is solid red. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, Signature Parchment on top with So Fine Scarlet in the bobbin and

lots of stencils.

What is the best way to get the blue pounce out of a quilt?


and a close-up of the top


and the back..... red, huh?


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Your quilt is beautiful. I switched to a black light and the powder that goes with it (mixed with regular white chalk powder) when I am working on a white or light quilt. It brushes off and if you miss a spot...it really doesn't show. When you use the blue chalk...chalk very, very lightly and it should brush off.

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, VA:)

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Looks like you did a lot SID. Good job! That is really hard for me to do. Even with the special ruler. Doesn't seem to help at all. I'm doing a large picture quilt right now for my husband. I am learning so much.

I was terrified to sew INSIDE the pictures but they were all puffed up like little pillows. I just gritted my teeth and dove in. WOW! The pictures look so much better and the stitching was easy since I just stitched around items in the picture. For instance: I had 3 small pictures of grandkids. Each kid was holding the new puppy in the family. I stitched around the puppy in each picture -- nothing else -- and the little puppy just stands out now. So cute. I'll take pictures when I get it done. I wouldn't hold my breath on that! :P

Hugs, Joy

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Thanks for the advice, nice comments and encouragement.

You guys are the best. :)

Caron - Great idea about cutting the blue. I prefer to dust

lightly but sometimes it just seems to glob out. I use a small

nail brush to try to get chalk out but some of this stuff is

stubborn. I'll try your 'rubbing' idea.

FrammaJoy - Yes, I did a lot of SID. I spent over 2 hours just

basting this baby to stabilize the blocks. I did not want any

puckers in the sashing. Every time I roll my quilts back, I

seem to have problems but not with all that basting. ;)

I did the horizontal and vertical SID on my longarm (Ultimate I

without channel locks). It was pretty easy this time but that

is a combination of my getting better and the great pressing

job done by the piecer.

Now the diagonal SID, I must admit, was done on my DSM.

My Bernina is so much easier to handle on those diagonal

seams. Time-consuming? You betcha.:o I just have not

mastered rulers yet. ....someday.

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Very nice. Don't you just love sencils?? I have a sampler to do for a customer who just wants a meander - because it's cheap...I am going to take Myrna's advice on this one and do it with stencils, but charge her less - just so she can see how good it is suppose to look. She should be a repeat customer.

Great job.

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Guest Linda S

Very nice job! I never use the blue chalk. I'm more comfortable with blue pens -- of course, you have to make sure the customer has washed her fabrics and doesn't mind that you use the pen.


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