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Vermont Quilt Show Winners


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Just saw this posted on Facebook:

"Apqs had several winners at VQF. Best Of Show, Best Quilt Outside USA, and Best Machine Quilting, Track Machine went to Birgit Schueller with Licorice & Lace. Judges Choice: Libby Lehman and Beginning Quilter Award went to Bruce Harmon with Kaffe Fassett Meets Jasper John. Best Two Color Quilt went to Anne Harmon with Indigo Stars in the Valley. Red ribbon went to Judith Anderson with Whaleback Light At Night."

Congratulations to all the winners and a special congrats to Anne whom I had the pleasure of meeting at MQX a couple of years ago.

Gorgeous quilt Anne! :D

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The show was great. I am glad that APQS was represented this year. Maybe they will change the entry form and ask what brand of machine was used and not just Stationary Machine and Track Machine or Hand quilted.Thanks Anne for getting APQS for a vendor and for reqesting a longarm quilting teacher to do classes.

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Sunimp/Irene thanks for posting this list. I've missed you at MQX. How about VQF next year?

Angela, thanks so much for posting the pictures. I've just got back from VQF. Being on the Board & part of the team running the show is very rewarding but 9 days straight was exhausting! I was staying at the dorms at St Mike's where all the classes were held. Unfortunately, I could get online but could not reply or post to the Forum. Were you at VQF? If so, I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you.

Birgit, your quilt is wonderful and, I can confirm, was properly hung so was quite upright! It looked beautiful and I heard many great comments whenever I passed it during the show. Congratulations!

Judy is not on the Forum, I keep telling her she should join us! I meet her each year at MQX. Her quilt from her photo, a mixture of painting & thread painting, was lovely too!

Bruce's quilt (my DH) This was indeed his first quilt. He finally agreed to stop telling me what kind of quilts I should make and designed and made his own. He did everything except the quilting & applying the binding. He even made my binding and sewed on my sleeve!

He was thrilled to get a yellow ribbon - and then the Best Beginner Award - and then 1 of the 4 Judges awards - his was from Libby Lehman. Overall, not bad for a beginner!

I was thrilled to get a red ribbon for mine. To get an award for the Best 2 Colour quilt was a shocking and lovely surprise. My fellow board members all knew I was getting it so were watching me when it was announced! No fair! This was my first quilt using the QZ. For most of the background fill and the border area I used the Block Party design and the stars were free motion using CCs & TTs. Couldn't have done this half so well with out those M&M wheels. Thanks to Mike Moore! The quilt pattern was Wyoming Valley Star taught in a workshop with Deb Tucker.

The Festival went very well, classes were well received and attendance was busy and constant so all the Vendors (I'm the Vendor Chair) were very happy!

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. Now I have to get back to those customer quilts!

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